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10 Steps to Make your Big Data Investment Pay Off

BI Brainz in f y @analyticsonfire 10 BIG DATA TO MAKE YOUR Steps INVESTMENT PAY OFF INTRODUCTION At TE Connectivity, Naveen Narra manages the Business Intelligence, architecture and big data solution teams for over 4,000 BI Users. Naveen and his team exemplifies "analytics success." Their secret is a proven approach that focuses on building momentum with tactical wins. Here are 10 steps that he used to gain buy-in from executives to tackle more strategic big data opportunities using modern in- memory analytics tools like SAP HAŇA. Listen to Analytics on Fire Podcast. Episode 7 ANALYTICS ON FIRE # 1 Executive visibility Chose problems that either directly impact executives or that are deemed high priority at the executive level. Design is a top priority Naveen's team transformed executive PDF and spreadsheet reports to interactive dashboards that simplified minutes of work into se conds and provided additional level of details and value. Use modern apps, and consumer experiences as inspiration. Naveen hired design and UX experts to come in and consult the analytics team. Expectations is user experience design and graphic design should be considered from the beginning of the project, not applied as window dressing at the end. #2 Build momentum with a tactical approach Initialize prioritize problems where data already #3 exists and is available. Naveen classified this kind of project as "Tactical": The data exists and is available but information is not readily available or difficult to use. These projects can be done in short time frame, keeps the business intere st, and adds value to existing data. Frequent meetings with users Moving BI professionals from taking orders to an agile, collaborative design approach Naveen holds weekly meetings to engage business stakeholders which increases buy- in and helps set expectations. This approach also helps facilitate end-user design and adoption because they are part of the process. #4 Interactivity is critical #5 Interactive analytics are more effective for providing self- service information for business users. Naveen's team is moving away from static reports to interactive analysis. Making information available for on the fly for analysts or business professionals through interactive apps is the point where Business Intelligence becomes useful. Market your solution and evangelize success #6 Brand your BI / Analytics initiative and market it as a solution to your internal audience. To get attention of executives and the general business users, Naveen's team branded their new data warehouse, powered by SAP HANA, and executed a marketing strategy to get dialog started. Like any product, they used their initial success as social proof. Increase speed an order of magnitude #7 High performance applications are an expectation. For Naveen, performance is no longer a bottleneck thanks to SAP HANA which executes queries up to 1000x faster than legacy system. This helped drive more interactive, engaging dashboards. Focus on #8 User adoption Engage, market, and support consu mers of Business Intelligence. Naveen's mantra is the experience level you have to provide for delivering BI needs to follow a mobile app in an app store. From marketing, to delivery, and even support. Chose the right tools for the job Tools shou ld not interfere with your organization's ability to deliver analytics. Naveen's team uses a number of tools but their primary data warehouse solution is powered by SAP HANA, which provides in- memory analytics to their SAP BusinessObjects platform. #9 #10 Build momentum from initial success Using the steps above, you can formulate your own plan to engage users more effectively, design better interactive analysis, and market your initial success to grow user adoption. 75% of Naveen's total user base have never utilized modern interactive business intelligence solutions before, so first impressions are everything. Building upon the process put in place, Naveen's team uses a mixture of tactical, strategic, and experimental BI initiatives to expand their user base. With over 40,000 employees, the goal is to use Naveen's brand of Business Intelligen ce to empower as many employees as possible. INFOGRAPHIC Mapsanalytics CREATED BY LISTEN TO THE PODCAST:

10 Steps to Make your Big Data Investment Pay Off

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This infographic summarizes Episode 7 of the Analytics on Fire Podcast. It start at TE Connectivity, Naveen Narra manages the Business Intelligence, architecture and big data solution teams for over 4...


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