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10 steps to a fruitful alliance

CRM AND MARKETING AUTOMATION: STEPS TO A FRUITFUL 1UALLIANCE MARKETING AUTOMATION IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AREAS OF CRM GROWTH. In 2012 Gartner forecast a 1U.7% annual growth rates through 2016. 2016 BENEFITS OF CRM-MARKETING AUTOMATION INTEGRATION INCLUDE: Better insights into sales funnel performance Improved lead quality Increased efficiency of the marketing-to-sales handoff Improved marketing accountability Automated marketing More effective segmentation communications Increased close rates Better targeting capabilities HOW TO ENSURE A SEAMLESS INTEGRATION OF BOTH SYSTEMS? BUILD COMMUNICATION BEFORE YOU START Bring people together Get people involved right at the start of the project START SALES MARKETING Align objectives and expectations Manage change to avoid resistance Resistance is one of the most common reasons that change in organisation fails. According to McKinsey /0% of change efforts end in failure. SET CLEAR GOALS Identify and DEFINE CLEAR GOALS COMMUNICATE PLAN UNDERSTAND and make sure all CHALLENGES departments are on board CLEAR GOALS ARE ESSENTIAL TO DEVELOP A STRATEGY AND MEASURE ROI AND OVERALL SUCCESS. For Instance 68% 79% of marketing leads are never converted into Sales. of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel. - SALESFORCE, 2013 -SA LESFORCE, 2013 Such stats help pinpsint areas of improvement! SETTING GOALS WILL HELP UNDERSTAND: What has been What still needs to be accomplished improved post-integration ADOPT USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES USER EXPERIENCE PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE ADOPTION OF THE NEW SYSTEM. THE NEW SYSTEM MUST: Be easy to use Remove pain points Automate Save employees repetitive task time IT SHOULD INCLUDE FEATURES LIKE: One login for both systems Shared dashboard Instant One-click access synchronization Task automation This is partly caused by: DORSEY (2005): FAILURE RATE OF LARGE Failure to take into account user needs PROJECTS IS SOMEWHERE Poor user experience BETWEEN JU% TO 80% Poor change management 4 START WITH CLEANSED DATA CLEAN YOUR DATABASE BEFORE YOU START: OTHERWISE, YOU'LL SIMPLY BE SPREADING POOR QUALITY DATA AROUND THE TWO SYSTEMS! Plus this could: Decrease sales pipeline quality Create duplicate Increase errors across the Generate non-targeted organisation campaigns to customers For example : A customer has two email addresses in the CRM system, and these email addresses end up in two different nurture tracks in the marketing automation system, the customer will get two sets of emails rather than one. INBOX OVER-COMMUNICATION NEW FRODUCT AND ILL-TARGETED NEW PRODUCTI COMMUNICATION WILL TURN OFF YOUR LEADS. (Holler, 2011) 5 IMPLEMENT DATA POPULATION SHORTCUTS TO SAVE TIME END-USERS LOVE DATA POPULATION SHORTCUTS As they: Make the Avoid manual system data entry errors easier to use Eliminate dull Save time data entry activities DATA POPULATION SHORTCUTS ENSURE THAT DATA ENTERED IN ONE SYSTEM IS AUTOMATICALLY POPULATED IN THE OTHER. For example : If someone enters data into the Contact Us form on the company's website, a good CRM and marketing automation integration will make sure that this information is populated in both systems. CRM CONTACT US (source: McFarlane) AM AUTO-SYNCH DATA TO REDUCE ERRORS AN INTEGRATED CRM-MARKETING AUTOMATION SYSTEM WILL: Have auto-synchronization processes (either in real time or every 15 minutes for large systems) Allow manual or forced synchronization Ask your Marketing automation vendor to Make sure you understand the synchronization map the two systems together. process and frequency. and prevent considerable headaches Auto-synch wil .. Provide real-time accurate data Ensure the 2 systems are in synch Avoid data Save time and discrepancies money AVOID LEAD LEAKS EVERY SALES FUNNEL LEAKS LEADS, LOSING YOU TIME, MONEY, AND CUSTOMERS. Marketing automation can help identify lead leaks by looking at the life of a lead from start to end. AN APPROPRIATE SYNCHRONIZATION CAN BRING LEADS BACK INTO THE NURTURING STAGE IN THE CRM. DON'T LOSE ANY OPPORTUNITY TO INCREASE YOUR ROI! LINKING THE CRM AND MARKETING AUTOMATION SYSTEMS WILL HELP: Automate leak Reintroduce leaked lead Identify and remove low potential leads detections to the sales funnel LET SALES PEOPLE FOCUS ON HIGH-QUALITY LEADS ONLY! USE AN API What's an API? An API is a software-to-software interface that allows one piece of software to use the functionality and data of another. An API offers: Interoperability More efficient process sharing Greater flexibility Better data sharing Enhanced functionalities With an API, the marketing automation system will be able to gather data about a lead from the CRM system and put It Into a planned marketing campaign. TARGET PROVIDE TRAINING organizations spend $200 billion on training each year Yet, many organisations fail to provide sufficient training to employees, often resulting in poor adoption of the new system. A good fraining should. Encompass the how, but also the why Have clear goals EMPLOYEES CAN ONLY Be available onine and offline CHAMPION THE SYSTEM IF THEY UNDERSTAND THE VISION AND PURPOSE! Be differentiated (end-users, managers, IT administrators) Offer follow-up training sessions 10 CHOOSE ONE REPORTING OPTION REPORTING IS ESSENTIAL TO MONITOR: $4 Campaigns Sales pipelines Conversion Overall success .AND TO MEASURE PERFORMANCE AND KPIS Even with automated synchronization, systems always show slight differences, due to: DON'T TRY TO RECONCILE DATA! Systems setup Synchronization delays CHOOSE ONE SYSTEM TO CARRY OUT THE Synchronization REPORTING AND process STICK TO IT! REFERENCES COMPARE BUSINESS Bishop, B. (2013) "6 Steps to Avold Training Fallures" PRODUCTS Callidus Cloud (n.d.) "CRM Integration with Marketing Automation - An Intelligent Synchronization" Dorsey, P. (2005) "Top 10 Reasons Why Systems Projects Fail" Hanington J. (2013) "Why markoting automation is the perfoct comploment to your CR" Pardot Hollar, K. (2013) “5 lessons learned from Integrat ing marketing automation software with an In-house CRM" Marketo (2013) "The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation: For Microsoft Dynamics CRM" Mauror, R. (2010) "Why 70% of changos fail" McFarlane, M. (2011) "The Importance of CRM Integration In marketing automation" Qaqish, D. (2011) " CRM Integrated Marketing Automation: 5 Proven Ways to Boost ROI" Wesson, M. (2013) “The Dynamic Duo: Marketing Automation and CRM Platforms [INFO GRAPHIC]" ....

10 steps to a fruitful alliance

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build communication, set clear goals, adopt user-friendly features, start with cleansed data, implement data population, auto sync data, avoid lead leaks, use an API, training and choose one reporting option


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