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10 Steps to Email Marketing Success

thomsonlocal O Direct Marketing services TEN STEPS TO EMAIL MARKETING SUCCESS The average results for UK SME email marketing campaigns across all industries: 1.CREATE A CLEAR GOAL The first step to creating a successful email marketing campaign is to define a clear goal or purpose. It's important to revisit the goal throughout the creation process so that you don't stray. Open rate: 21.47% Click-through rate: 3.16% Unsubscription rate: 0.47% Click-to-open rate: 14.72% Unsubscribe-to-open rate: 2.29% 7 commons ways to segment 2. SEGMENT YOUR AUDIENCE your email list: Make the campaign reflect your audience's needs – give them what they've signed up for. List segmentation is key to ensuring that your message gets in front of the right people. • Geographic Location • Past Purchases • Email Engagement • Site Usage • Form Abandonment • Age • Gender of marketers who segmented their email lists experienced higher experienced lower unsubscribe rates experienced better deliverability and greater revenue 39% 28% 24% open rates 3. CREATE A COMPELLING In a study analysing over 200 million emails, MailChimp found that emails with subject line between HEADLINE 28 - 39 CHARACTERS Create a snappy headline that answers the question: What's in it for me? in length had the highest click rate. Avoid jargon: clear and concinse is the best route. 4. TIMING IS KEY When you send your email is of crucial importance, and varies a lot depending on industry and customers. The best way to understand what works for your business is to run tests. Open rate by day of the week Open rate by time of the day 20% II 5% 15% 4% Б Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Bam 12pm No. of brands consumers subscribe to 5. BRAND OPTIMISATION 8% 19% Make it clear who the email is from: 24% 49% • Use your brand name in from field • Use an email address from your recognised domain • Display your logo clearly • Use your brand colours • Reflect the design of your website 1O brands 1 1-10 brands 1 11-20 brands 121+ brands Most popular mail clients 2013 6. DESIGN & COMPATIBILITY Design should be used to get your message across and encourage users to take action. Remember: make sure your design is compatible across all mail clients by testing on each. Top tip: Not all mail clients will display images by default and will instead present the ALT text. Optimise your ALT text on each image to best communicate the message of your email. 35.60% IOS Devices 20.14% Outlook 113,57 Hotmail 111% Apple Mail 9.75% Yahoo! Mail 18.43% Gmail 14.74% Android 12.34% Windows Live Desktop 11.03% Thunderbird 10.79% AOL Mail 7. CREATE A CLEAR CALL TO ACTION A well-crafted email can easily fall down without a strong call to action. Your call to action should aim to fulfill the overall marketing goal of the email campaign. Here are 6 tips to ensure users take action after opening your email: Tip 1 Tip 2 Tip 3 Keep your call to action above the fold - ie, the reader Create a path to your call to action. The design should naturally lead the user towards to the call to action. Use colour to grab attention. Highlighting your call to action and using contrasting colours are effective ways of drawing the users attention. shouldn't have to scroll to reach it "Web users spend 80% of time above the fold" NEILSON Tip 6 Tip 5 Tip 4 Create a sense of urgency - Make it persuasive. Use action words to tell the Don't be afraid of whitespace. Don't clutter you email by trying to Invoke a time limit to encourage users to take action. aders what you want them to do. squeeze too much content in. Give your conversion point room to breathe. Be careful not to overuse this tactic! 8. CREATE AN EFFECTIVE LANDING PAGE 48% If you are pushing users onto your site, you need an effective landing page. It should be free of distraction, reflect the customer intent and persuade them to carry out further actions. of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Companies with 30+ landing pages generate 7X more leads than those with fewer than 10. 9. SET-UP TRACKING Most email packages will give you stats around open rates and click-throughs but it is important to measure more than that. To get real insight into the success of your campaign you need to track the people who convert on your website via your email marketing. This is done by tagging the links within your emails so that they can be monitored by your analytics software. Doing this means you can start to work out the ROI of your email campaigns based on sales, leads or other goal-based activities. EMAIL CLICKS SITE ONSITE CUSTOMERS RECIPIENTS FROM EMAIL VISITORS PURCHASE Most people stop tracking here 10. TEST, TEST AND THEN "People who A/B test their email campaigns get 11% better open TEST AGAIN! rates and 17% more There is no magic formula for creating the perfect email marketing campaign. A lot of it is going to come down to the knowledge you gain with each campaign. Split testing is one of the most effective ways of figuring out what works and what doesn't work with your audience. clicks." MAILCHIMP You can split test pretty much anything on your email, but here are a few popular choices Split testing can have multiple goals: • Sender details • Email subject lines • Design and layout • Call to actions • Headlines and copy • Marketing push (hard sell or soft sell) • Fonts and colour • The use of images and videos • Day of week tests • Time of day tests • Open rates • Click-through rates • Conversion rates • Revenue thomsonlocal Direct Marketing Services are experts in B2B Email Marketing. We have over 750,000 telephone verified double opt-in business email addresses which you can target for lead generation and building brand thomsonlocal O Direct Marketing awareness. Visit our website to find out more: serviceS Sources:

10 Steps to Email Marketing Success

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