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10 steps to building a successful B2B landing page

steps to building a successful 10 B2B landing page thomsonlocal Direct Marketing Landing pages are vital for any B2B marketing campaign. B2B marketing often involves complicated sales cycles, so ensuring your landing pages match your outbound messaging and user intent is key to generating leads. 1. SOURCE Email PPC Banners Social Media You should build a unique page for each traffic source within your B2B marketing campaign, as the user intent from each channel may vary. Creating unique pages will also help when measuring the performance of each landing page. of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a home page, not a landing page. 44% 2. ONE GOAL 3. A/B TESTING Your landing page should be focused towards a single goal. The page should aim to promote the value of that goal while providing a clear path to conversion. Multiple offers will distract your users. Before you start creating your landing page, it's worth remembering that you won't stumble on the perfect landing page straight away. Your landing page can always be improved. Test your page design and marketing message to find which elements work best. of landing pages contain multiple offers 48% Traffic 4. DESIGN The design of your landing page should help your convey your message and encourage users to take action. Your landing page branding and design should be consistent with your full website. People who A/B test their email campaigns get Breakdown your content into digestible chunks by using headings and bullet points to highlight the most important parts of your message. 11% better open rates and 17% more clicks 5. COPY 6. IMAGES Your copy should be there to influence the user to take action. Here are some tips for creating compelling copy: Images can have a big impact on user behaviour. Explain the benefits - You will need to ensure the incentive you are promoting is relevant and valuable to your audience. Adding images to landing pages is a great way of grabbing the users attention and re-enforcing your marketing message. Create urgency - Limited time offers tend to get people signing up quicker. Ensure that your images are: Special offers - Users are a lot more likely to purchase if they believe they are getting a Relevant – The images you use need to relate to your brand and products. 10% discount. Appeal to their emotional side - Evoking emotions is a great way of influencing uses to take action. Clean - Don't clutter your design with images. Images should be there to complement your design, not provide distractions. Write in the second person - Keep the focus on your users as opposed to your product. High Quality - The images you use will reflect on your brand and products, ensure they are of good quality. 2nd Tell a story - Make users relate to you and your product by adding narrative to your message. Meaningful – Use images to tell a story that the user will relate to. Keep it simple - Keep your copy clear and concise. Get to the point. Original - Avoid overusing stock images. Where possible use original images and photos. 7. VIDEO 8. TRUST Video is one of the most influential forms of content for landing pages and can be a great way of increasing conversions. Videos can help keep users on your page for longer, which will increase their investment in your offer. When a visitor enters your site, they need to instantly develop trust in your brand, site and services. Here are four ways to develop user trust: Transparency – Be clear about what services are on offer. Videos are also a great way of increasing trust around your brand. Security - Provide security reassurances if you are asking for personal details or require payments. Social proof - Persuade users to take action by promoting how other users have already taken that same action. of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI 52% Testimonials - Use your previous customers to tell a story that will promote the value of your services. 9. CALL TO ACTION 10. REMOVE DISTRACTIONS Your landing page design should lead users To help create a direct path to the conversion, you should remove any elements that could provide distractions. Be strict when creating your landing page, removing anything that doesn't need to be there such as internal links, social buttons, adverts and widgets. towards the call to action. A call to action can make or break your landing page. Here are seven tips to consider when creating your call to action: Design for interaction - Create a call to action that the user feels like they can interact with. Removing the main navigation from your landing page is a great way of reducing the chances that the user will navigate away before converting. Avoid clutter - Don't clutter your call to action. Give it adequate whitespace to draw the users attention. Add to cart Keep it clear - Be concise and transparent about what the user will need to do and what they will receive. Grab the users attention - Highlighting your call to action or using contrasting colours are effective ways of drawing the users attention. Be persuasive - Use action words to tell the readers what you want them to do. Don't be bossy - Don't command your users to take action. Avoid words that feel overly aggressive. of landing pages are free of navigation bars 16% Convey value - Re-enforce the value of your offer to the user. thomsonlocal Direct Marketing Services are experts in B2B Email Marketing. We have over 750,000 telephone verified double opt-in business email addresses which you can target for lead generation and building brand thomsonlocal O Direct Marketing awareness. Visit our website to find out more: services Sources: Marketing Sherpa Mail Chimp eMarketer

10 steps to building a successful B2B landing page

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A visual guide to building better landing pages for B2B marketing campaigns.


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