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10 Step Guide to Hiring a Designer

10 STEP GUIDE TO HIRING A DESIGNER 1 OBJECTIVE It is important to have clearly defined goals for purpose, message, and the impact of your project. You need to know what you are looking for effectively communicate your vision to any prospective designer. order to 2 PORTFOLIO Key Elements to look for when reviewing a prospective designer's portfolio. Do you like their overall style? Do they work with clients that are similar to you and your business? Do they have recent samples of work they have done? 3 INTERVIEWING Whether conducting an interview in person, on th phone or on Skype have written questions prepared. This is also good to see if your personality meshes with the designer's. 4 TIME COMMUNICATION Time is a critical factor in any As with any activity involving multiple people, communication is key. Making sure everyone is on the same page will help your project run like a well oiled machine. design project. Here are important factors to consider. Will the designer be able to fit your project into their schedule? How many clients do they work with at once? Are you a top priority or an afterthought? How likely will they be to meet self imposed deadlines as well as your overall project timeline? 6 EXPERIENCE Talk to your designer about their past work and fin have the skills and know how to out if they get the job done. 7 RESULTS What has this designer achieved? Have their past projects been a success? What are they going to do to make sure they achieve the results you are looking for? 8 COST You can love someones work but if you can't afford their rates it does not matter much. There are two basic ways that designers bill for their services. The project method is good for websites, logos, and branding changes since there is a flat fee for the entire project and you know it going in. The hourly method is good for jobs like business cards, stationery, and collateral pieces when you want flexibility. ASSET OWNERSHIP Making sure you own the rights to all the final work is crucial. Not owning it could cause you major headaches down the road. You paid for the work, make sure you will own the rights! 10 PROCESS Here are a few ways to find out how a designer's process works. Can they walk you through a past project step by step so you know how they dealt with and overcame challenges? Do they have a process written down, or do they have a specific method that they follow? Is their process outlined on their website? Does it cover items like terms, schedules, and payments? CREATED BY CTR SERVICES LEARN MORE AT CTRSERVICES.COM/BLOG ( CTR Services A DIGITAL SOLUTIONS COMPANY %24

10 Step Guide to Hiring a Designer

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Tips on hiring a designer so that you can guarantee how your company's branding and design is displayed.


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