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10 Reasons Visual Content is More Important than Written Content

YOU OUGHTA BE IN PICTURES Why Visual Content O0 COPY CAN BOOST YOUR BRAND BETTER THAN COPY 1. VISUALS BUILD AN emotional experience 2 Storytelling Images and video are very special because they have a NARRATIVE THREAD Color and images generate particular types of emotions allowing for personality, voice, and values to rise to the surface. Remember, people will forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. Tell a story and help your brand communicate who you are and what you value. 4. SHARE OC PERSO YOUR SUPPORT YOUR E identity 3 NALITY In most cases, a design language helps identify your brand's values and unique personality, and it does more legwork than a headline and body copy. Logo, colors, typography, symbols, and imagery style are essential. By creating visual content with your brand's persona at the helm, you start to stand out from the rest. It also speaks the language of the people you're looking for. Words can't always nail that. Pictures, colors, type? They can. our brains like images 5 In our day-to-day,93% of communication is non- O it's verbal. Individuals process visuals 6 0X faster than text, and we remember only 20% of what we read. SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDLY 7. SIMPLIFIES DATA 8.better experiences Pinterest, Tumblr, infographics...The Internet is a visual place. The popularity of social media Data visualization can be very valuable. It communicates large amounts of information clearly and quickly, helping your audience understand your brand's point of view. Try bringing in some motion graphics, narrative, and sound-that's something shareable. The stats are simple. and visual content is shared 3x Articles with images get MORE THAN demonstrates that visual content has become the go-to when "sharing" is the objective. Killer visuals can also help drive users to your website, blog, CRM sign up, or more. more total views than 94% TEXT, articles without reaching a broader audience and generating more results for businesses. images, 9. Room to Play INSPIRE VISUALS AREN'T LIMITED BY REALITY. YOU CAN: ANIMATE MIX MEDIUMS OR EXPERIMENT WITH COLOR Photos, gifs, infographics, and videos perform great when they are designed to inspire in some way. It can also help give consumers new ways to see your brand, participate, converse, and share. ADD MUSIC Consumers love videos, for example, because they often push the boundaries of a brand's identity. Visual content that brings joy helps facilitate the brand affinity you're after. BY LEO GOMEZ LEAP LEAPAGENCY.COM

10 Reasons Visual Content is More Important than Written Content

shared by HaileyH on Oct 31
Here are ten reasons by visual content can boost your brand better than copy.




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