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10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed

10 REASONS PROJECTS FAIL: LESSONS LEARNED FROM THE DEATH STAR Here | am- a former Imperial starfleet commander. Now, I'm at the bridge of a single pathetic Star Destroyer, stationed in some puny backwater system. How did the once invincible Galactic Empire come to this? If you ask me, these are the 10 key mistakes leading to the failure of the Death Stars, and ultimately, the collapse of the Empire. BEATH STAR I 1. INCOMPLETE PROJECT REQUIREMENTS The Death Star fulfilled every requirement for the ultimate weapon: a super laser capable of destroying a planet with a single blast, plus 15,000 laser, ion, and turbolaser batteries. But plans didn't include defenses that could keep starfighters from infiltrating & causing catastrophic damage. Carefully consider how the completed project will function in the real world when writing your requirements. What situations could cause problems? Use THE FORCE 2. NOT RECOGNIZING RISK No project is invulnerable, as every Imperial office on board learned the hard way when the first Death Star disintegrated. If your project has a susceptible thermal exhaust port, you need to know - even if it is only two meters wide. Use THE FORCE No project is too big to fail, or too small to skirt risk. Conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential threats and opportunities. 3. NOT MANAGING RISK When Rebels snatched the Death Star plans and found a weakness, the Empire didn't do anything to mitigate the threat: no contingency plans, evacuations, or defensive TIE fighter patrols. Tarkin was so certain in the Death Star's invincibility that he didn't even evacuate once it was under attack. Use THE FORCE Be proactive with potential problems. Do what you can to prevent them, and respond quickly if they do occur. 4. POOR LEADERSHIP Ever worked under an unreasonable manager? Imagine reporting to Vader or Tarkin! Not exactly approachable. And they certainly didn't encourage new ideas or collaboration. Be available to help with questions and hangups, offer advice, and ask for new ideas. Don't just expect people to follow your orders to a T. Use THE ORCE Coeeee 5. IGNORING ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS The Death Star's main purpose was to scare local systems into cooperating. But wouldn't Super Star Destroyers stationed in key systems do the trick? Or a few garrisons of stormtroopers? Instead of intimidating them into submission, the Death Star inspired more star systems to join the rebellion. Use THEe FORCE Consider all possible solutions to the problem, and only then decide on an approach. Don't just choose the first idea or easiest path. DEATH STAR II 6. NOT LEARNING FROM MISTAKES After the first Death Star's destruction, the Emperor insisted on pushing full steam ahead on the second Death Star. Although the thermal exhaust port weakness was fixed, he repeated many of the same mistakes, believing a bigger Death Star with more firepower would ensure victory. Hold a retrospective after each project. What worked well? What could be improved? Apply knowledge to future projects for constant improvement. Use THe FORCE 7. DIFFICULT STAKEHOLDERS The Emperor wanted the second Death Star operational ASAP, insisting on unreasonable timelines that Jerjerrod's team could never meet. The only possible result was sloppy work & missed deadlines. And sure enough, without Endor's protective shield, the Death Star was easy pickings for the Rebels. When faced with unrealistic demands, present several feasible alternatives and let the stakeholder choose the approach. Or, list what additional resources you'll need to meet their request. Use THEe FORCE 8. INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES Jerjerrod simply didn't have the men he needed to get the Death Star operational on time. When he asked for additional resources, Vader and Palpatine just threatened him instead of helping him. Completed projects don't materialize through sheer willpower. Ask your team what they need, and then do your best to provide it - or rethink your plan. Use THE FORCE 9. POOR TEAM MORALE Vader believed that if your survival hinged on job performance, you'd meet every expectation. But by killing every admiral and captain who slipped up, all he accomplished was constant turnover of leadership - and stalled progress as a result. Did you know people are actually more productive when they're in a good mood? (Safe to say the Empire didn't.) Create a happy work environment and watch your progress soar. Use THEe FORCE 10. DISTRACTIONS When Vader wasn't killing key officers or terrorizing underlings, he was searching for Luke Skywalker. He was so distracted, it's no wonder the project was behind schedule! Stay focused on the work at hand. Multitasking is a sure-fire productivity killer. He FORCE Learn from the Empire's mistakes, yes, and keep your projects from falling to the Dark side. Start your training at to master project management. Be your Yoda, we will! Brought to you by Wrike Award-winning collaboration and project management software

10 Reasons the Death Star Project Failed

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... the Death Star projects failed spectacularly. Learn from the Empire’s mistakes and keep your projects from falling to the Dark Side!




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