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10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders

10 QUALITIES OF GREAT COMMUNITY LEADERS What makes a great community leader? Follow these guidelines to see if you have what it takes to become a community leader who can create positive change. Eagerness to Learn and Adapt Self-Awareness Before you can lead others, you must know your own abilities You'll never know all perspectives on a situation Take stock of your strengths 59.4% 73.4% Be willing to listen, learn, and change course and weaknesses Seek to build on your Community members can be a valuable resource - gain respect and knowledge by taking their voices into consideration strengths and know when to ask for help in other areas of people in a WV survey said they volunteered to grow and develop psychologically of people in a WV survey said they were motivated to volunteer by the wish to learn more about their community Look for the best fit for you: how best can you help in each situation? Empathy Honesty & Integrity A good leader must be trustworthy, to the community, to other leaders, Empathy leads to better leadership because you and to those that are listening are better able to: Trust creates a productive space to facilitate discussions and make change Imagine different viewpoints - Understand and validate the feelings of all parties Recognize how you are perceived Without honesty and integrity, Two out of three citizens helped trust is broken, mutual out their neighbors in 2011 respect is diminished, and productivity is eliminated Dedication Service VOLUNTEER HOURS $4 The responsibility of being a community leader means you In 2011, volunteers helped must be committed to their communities by: fostering change In 2011 64.3 MILLION Fundraising or selling items to raise money Time spent volunteering doesn't just benefit your community, though – it also benefits you Collecting, preparing, distributing, or serving food Americans volunteered in a formal 7.9 BILLION HOURS organization, an increase of 1.5 million from 2010 Engaging in general labor or transportation volunteered by Americans in a When individuals volunteer, formal organization with a they are more likely to live longer, healthier lives value of $171 billion in 2011 Interpersonal Skills Forward-Thinking Communication skills, like negotiating, mediating, active listening, and articulating arguments are essential Great leaders think outside the box, look to the future, and have set 60.5% 18.2% Collaborative skills mean that goals in mind leaders can work well with other Develop innovative and critical thinking skills types of people and create a productive space Community leaders can describe why something is important and how to facilitate change to any Keep in mind that fostering the lasting change means involving the next generation of volunteers tutored or of people in a WV survey said they were taught in 2011 motivated to volunteer by the desire to person, be it child, volunteer, or strengthen social relationships grant agency Intelligence Motivation Finally, a great leader Not just being smart - a community leader needs high levels of emotional, social, motivates others to create change in their own lives and communities and intellectual intelligence An inspirational leader can make all the difference in Competence shows that, as a leader, you can take care of the tough stuff engaging others in improving the community Interested in sparking real change in your community? A Masters of Arts in Counseling or Masters in Arts of Human Services from Wake Forest University can help. Pro Humanitate For Humanity Learn at a school that values the spirit of service and a commitment to others Develop the self-awareness and skills to successfully become a community leader that fosters hope and change in your community Wake Forest University's motto MAKE SHAPE COACH a difference by healing others with the Clinical Mental the next generation of community leaders with the School Counseling track individuals and entire communities into positive outcomes with the Health Counseling track Human Services track At Wake Forest University, you can become a catalyst for positive social change in your community. Learn more at http:/ SOURCES: 7.pdf http://www.nacdep.netlevent1_99_4235954450.pdf %24

10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders

shared by jaclynlambert on Sep 14
This infographic discusses 10 qualities that great community leaders all seem to possess.


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