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10 New Year Resolutions for Marketers Gone Wrong

(BASED ON THE "TOP 10 OVERUSED LINKEDIN PROFILE BUZZWORDS OF 2013") 10 NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR MARKETERS GONE WRONG CAUTION: DON'T TRY THESE AT WORK BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MISINFORMING THE AUDIENCE Sorry, I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand. BE STRATEGIC ABOUT WASTING TIME MEETING TO PLAN MEETING PLANS Let's have a strategic planning meeting to plan for the planning meeting about our strategic content marketing plan 3 BE CREATIVE ABOUT YOUR EXCUSES TO COVER UP YOUR MISTAKES I got abducted by alens and they forced'me to leave a racist'remark on Twitter! BE EFFECTIVE IN TARGETING NO SPECIFIC TARGET MARKET Target Market Age: 1 and above Gender: Male and Female Region: Worldwide WHEN PRETENDING TO BE PAI IENT ISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS HMM. WHAT'S FOR LUNCH? I understand you, I really do! 6 BY LOOKING BECOME AN EXPERT IKE ONE I knew you were a social media expert tweeted when you "Don't do social, BE social!" BE ORGANIZATIONAL TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK GOOD Why. of course I am organizational! Just look at my Pinterest account! BE DRIVEN TO SHOW THAT YOU ARE DRIVEN Twelve hours of uninterrupted pinning was just too much for him. 9 BE INNOVATIVE SAKE OF IT FOR THE My marketing idea Is incredibly innovative. If the audience can't see that, then that's not really my problem, now Is It? 10 BE ANALYTICAI ABOUT WHAT YOUR FELLOW MARKETERS WEAR AT WORK Light coloured top makes you look fat. Just sayın. Hey, thanks for belhg ANAL-ytical! Realy appreciate It. THAT SAID, THIS YEAR SURE LOOKS LIKE AN EXCITING YEAR FOR MARKETERS. HAPPY NEW YEAR! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ReferralCandy SOURCE:

10 New Year Resolutions for Marketers Gone Wrong

shared by ReferralCandy on Jan 09
LinkedIn published an interesting infographic highlighting the top 10 overused LinkedIn profile buzzwords in 2013. Taken to the extreme, we thought it’d be amusing to imagine these ten buzzwords bei...




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