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10 Keys To Loyalize Customers

10 KEYS M TO LOYALIZE CUSTOMERS THE ACTUAL SITUATION WHY WE LOSE CUSTOMERS 68% BECAUSE OF THE POOR ATTENDANCE THEY RECEIVE. 14% BECAUSE OF THE INSATISFACTION OF THE PRODUCT/SERVICE. 9% START COMPETIONAL BUSINESS. 5% DEVELOPING SUPPLIERS WITH BETTER ALTERNATIVES. 4% GETS AWAY, MOVE, CLOSE OR DIE. SOURCE: CCST OF A NEW CUSTOMER $$$ $$$$ 8 ACQUIRING A NEW CUSTOMER HAS A COST 7 TIMES BIGGER THAN KEEPINGA CURRENT CUSTOMER. SOURCE: ORIENTATIVE DATA CAN VARY DEPENDING ON COUNTRY, REGION, SECTOR AND OTHER VARIABLES. TACTICS TO CONSIDER start NOW SEGMENT YOUR MARKET BE PRO-ACTIVE Group-in your customers with similar characteristics and plan for each one of the segments. Keep a constant dialogue ( with your customers, before they contact your enterprise. TIT¶Í Inform, inspire, have fun, not only with a selling objective. 3. THINK IN THE LONG TERM Evaluate each customer in the whole cycle of life of the enterprise. Establish strategies with JAN You 28 f in Tube 5. GENERATE MODEL THE EXPERIENCE MOVING Plan every detail about the contact with your customers, establishing protocols of actuation. COSTS Invest on good attendance and agility in the process, generating credibility and trust, plus the knowledge and experience, between similar, it can avoid your customers migrating to MANAGE THE EXPERIENCE HEAR YOUR CUSTOMER KEEP GOING A complaint can be an opportunity to make the right fixes. CHANGE 8. STIMULIZE INTERNALLY BUILD YOUR THE INOVATION BRAND Surprise and captivating your customers with constant innovation of process and products. Be coherent, fulfill what you promise, to have the credibility and trust of your target audience. Product, ambient, communication and behavior are main vectors from where your brand MAKE YOUR EMPLOYEES A PART OF IT Help, train, encourage, give the example to your employees to keep your business vision. BRAND 10 RECOGNIZE YOUR CUSTOMERS By giving gifts, you can allow your customers, in a attitude of reciprocity. This can be a good help in future business. CONCLUSION We are heading to a market which what makes the difference are the brands, the design and the innovation. The physical products are on a second plane. Consider these tips to get on the train. 10 KEYS TO LOYALIZE CUSTOMERS by Memory Brindes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International CC License.Based on a work at loyalize-customers/.Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at BY ND

10 Keys To Loyalize Customers

shared by memorybrindes on Jan 26
Some providers continue to have difficulty with how satisfy their shoppers to retain true, long-lasting client loyalty. The objective of the analysis to this infographic, was to discover the relations...


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