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10 Fun Team Building Activities

10 Fun TEAM BUILDING Activities Egg Drop Human Football This is a messy yet classic engaging problem. Split the team into 2-3 teams of reasonable size. The task is to build Table Football with a difference. The pitch is surrounded by a 50' long & 30' wide inflatable wall, with goal mouths at each end. an egg package that can keep the egg intact from a 2-4 storey drop. Tools that be provided include Players are then harnessed to the bars running across the pitch, whilst the goalies are attached to bungee ropes. Each team has to score as many goals & concede as few as possible in the allotted time. Just like real football really. A really fun and energetic team building activity that's worth a try. newspapers, straws, tape, plastic, balloons, rubber bands. After which, each team will take turns to drop the egg package from the 2nd storey while everyone else stays at the bottom level to observe. Segway Riding Paintballing Riding a Segway is another great outdoor activity. Paintballing is enjoyed more for some than others, but nevertheless it's a great physical team building exercise. Set a goal or objective for your teams to have at the end, an example being to create a treasure hunt and see which team has the most in an hour. Some might say it's just rolling around and getting shot with paint, but it's actually a really great way of building trust and commitment whilst creating a strong team ethic. Pizza Making Chocolate Challenge A great activity to break the ice and perfect for new sets of employees to get to know each other over a light-hearted activity. Everybody loves a bit of chocolate. But have you ever tried making it yourself? These kind of activities perfectly combine a good amount of fun with challenging team work. Water Kayaking Archery & Crossbows Head out on to the water with your team for some fun! Try kayaking or double-kayaking, which requires high levels of concentration and good teamwork. Archery allows your teams to get together and compete against each other. It also requires a high amount of concentration, communication and of Course, team work. Perhaps give prizes as an incentive to the winning team or to the individual with the highest score. Include a race if possible. Talking in Circles Dog, Rice, Chicken This is a highly challenging game. Place everyone in a circle around a long piece of string that is tied at its ends to form a circle. Chicken, Dog, Rice is a popular game used to encourage lateral thinking, planning and creativity. One member of the team, the farmer, must take the rest of his team, the villagers, over a river. He also has to take over his chicken, his rice and his dog. Now the team must create shapes with the string; a square, a triangle, a figure eight, a rectangle, etc. Repeat the game but with everyone's eyes shut! Unfortunately, his boat is only big enough for himself and one other item, and only he can stop his dog from eating his chicken or the chicken from eating his rice. A great ice breaking activity. This requires a lot of communication and team work. Now, go and have some fun with your team! Sources : activities.html Infographic by

10 Fun Team Building Activities

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Team Building is an important part of developing a strong bond between certain individuals, whether it be colleagues, school peers or with new friends. This visual offers a mixture of 10 fun, creative...


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