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10 Famous Logo Shifts of 2014 and What They Teach Us!

10LOGO SHIFTS FAMOUS OF 2014 Airbnb - Bélo, as it is being called, has been poking fun at the brand! airbab airbnb Take away: Avoid being lewd. Your logo shouldn't hit below the belt! Not even if you name it Bélo! Hershey's - Hershey's has come up with a logo many have been unkind to... HERSHEY'S, HERSHEY SAIMS The Hershey Company THE HERSHEY COMPANY Takeaway: Your logo shouldn't bear resemblance to poop. Admit it, it does look like a steaming turd! Reebok - The new logo takes aid of "Delta" symbol to represent positivity and change! Reebok Reebok A Takeaway: It's alright to shift your brand focus. And Reebok over here has done it beautifully. Pro athletes are out, fitness junkies are in! Paypal - Given that it's the brand's first redesign in years, it simply fails to impress... PayPal PayPal Takeaway: Improper kerning and poor font choice can lead a brand to lifelong embarrassment. Black and Decker - The logo is now less aggressive and reflects a more, "human-centric" approach being adopted by the brand... BLACK& DECKER BLACK+ DECKER Takeaway: Black and Decker redesign says it loud and clear- Orange is the new black! PizzaHut: With this redesign the brand wishes to engage the millennials... PIzza Pizza Hut Takeaway: Doing away with the color yellow was not a wise move especially since it is one of the ideal colors for a food brand; it feels like the brand has lost its youthful ambience now. Bad redesign! Foursquare - Foursquare has introduced a new logo, color scheme and a new way to use the app. foursquare FOURSQUARE Takeaway: Revising the entire brand structure while it is still in its glory days is not a smart thing to do! Two words: Bad Move! WWE - The new logo has been greeted as a more streamlined and edgy version of its older one. Takeaway: Keeping up with the changing dynamics of design culture only makes your brand more compatible and better received. Netflix - The logo is flat, red and very boring. Even the brand doesn't want to talk about it! NETFLIX NETFLIX Takeaway: There is no room for pointless redesigns in the world of branding. The previous version of the logo is still more popular! Seven Up - Seven Up redefines its logo along with its tagline, "Feels good to be you."... UP Takeaway: The logo is more concise now and keeps only the essential elements intact. The brand believes everyone to be unique and the tagline stresses upon the need for all to be original. A good one! dn Designmantic

10 Famous Logo Shifts of 2014 and What They Teach Us!

shared by DesignMantic on Dec 23
Here is an infographic that illustrates the 10 major logo shifts of 2014 and the lessons that they have taught the design world at large...




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