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10 Commandments for New Logo Designers

10 Commandments for New Logo Designers Every field, profession or art, has a set of rules that must be followed in order to survive and thrive. These rules are specifically created to assist its practitioners in ensuring they do their job the right way. Logo Designing is no different. We've created a set of rules that we like to call the Ten Commandments of Logo Design that logo designers must follow at all times. Doing so will ensure they do their jobs ethically, professionally and most important, successfully. IGHTS Thou Shall Not Steal *** First and foremost, never steal a fellow designer's work. COPYRIGHT RESERVED Not only will it get you labeled as a hack, from a legal perspective, you can also face charges of Copyright and trademark infringement. Come up with your own ideas and designs. II Thou Shall Not Use Thou Shall Not Use Clip Art Stock Images Clip arts are basically pre-made Another one on images. Stock images are easy to find on the images and designs. The whole idea of design is to internet. Meaning come up with they are already something new. being used in Create your dozens of designs. Don't fall for this trap. own work. Create your own images from scratch. IV Thou Shall Read the Design Brief Carefully The design brief has valuable information pertaining to the design project. Oftentimes designers skim through it, not reading it carefully and end up skipping a minor detail with major consequences. Read the design brief carefully, word by word. V VI Thou Shall Send Drafts Thou Shall Work Hard ina a Timely Manner This means no cheating, no copying Most design contests run for 7 days. Some, for even shorter duration. Manage your and no use of derivative work. Create an original concept and use colors according time accordingly and to the client's submit your drafts requirements and re-do in a timely DON'T COPY and industry. manner. VII VII: Thou Shall Follow Thou Shall Keep It Professional Being professional is a vital Up on Feedback Designers always look for feedback from clients. requirement of this business, It event you get one, you shows dedication and should immediately devotion to work which- good, Glea. start working on the next often times is more draft based on the valuable input important to a client than provided. experience. IX Thou Shall Submit Design Drafts Correctly Submitting design drafts on time is one thing. Submitting them correctly is another. There are certain guidelines to ensure a proper draft upload with all the relevant files and images. Not doing so makes your entry look incomplete and unprofessional. Thou Shall Submit Final Files Correctly The submission requirements for the finalized draft are different than standard ones. All the sources files, images and any other textual document must be submitted along with it. Making a mistake here will make you look Created By: unprofessional. LOGO DESIGN GURUS a Guru Corporation These are the 10 commandments for logo designers on how to successfully negotiate logo design projects and contests and ensure they come out victorious. Practice and preach these 10 pearls of wisdoms. They will take you a long way ahead.

10 Commandments for New Logo Designers

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Every profession has its own set of rules and graphic design is no different. It is an ever evolving field, however the basics remain the same. We have stressed the importance of following a few essen...



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