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10 astonishing facts on EQ

EQ 10 astonishing facts EQ Counts for 58% of your daily success. success Only 36% of the people recognize instantly their emotional state and its influence on their behaviour.. CEO's have on average the lowest EQI Generation Y has lowest facebook. myspace then Gen X then level of Self MGt, Baby-boomers and the traditionalist have the highest level. During 5 consecutive years from 2003 to 2008, Avg EQ scores 24EQ rose by 30% The world's 1st truly global emotional intelligence conference From ihe globe to your desk for 24 hours Free July 6, 2012 70% of the male leaders who are in the top 15 best decission makers, have the highest EQ. Chinese exec's outperform the US exec's by 15 pts on EQ BY 15% High 1Q outperforms Avg 1Q 20% of the times, Avg Q outperforms high IQ in 70% of the times. AVG IO EO Every point raise in EQ adds 1.300 $ to an annual salary! To truly improve your EQ, you need to understand the skill and know what it looks likel The EQ-Model Self Knowledge + Self Management + Social Knowledge + Social Management + Motivation Management Motivation - EQ Secial Kowlede Sources: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 -T.Bradberry & jean Greaves Social Intelligence Drive - D.Pink D. Goleman Infographic by Eric Van Camp [email protected]

10 astonishing facts on EQ

shared by ericvancamp on Aug 17
10 facts on Emotional Intelligence that could help people to see how valuable it is to acquire skills that relate to EQ.


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