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Are You a Hustler or a High Roller?

Are you a HÚSTLER HIGH ROLLER? or a CELEBRITY Winners & Losers: Ben Affleck won $356.000 (1st prize) at the California State Poker Championship in 2004, earning a place in the World Poker Tour final. Victoria Coren-Mitchell won C476,10O (1st prize) in the European Poker Tour in San Remo (for the 2nd time), April 2014. Charlie Sheen When he divorced Denise Richards in 2006, she claimed he was spending $20,000 a week on sports betting. Personality TYPES You are a HUSTLER Yes Do you only play games you understand Do you gamble alone? and have a No No winning system for? You are a SHOW OFF Yes Yes You are a ESCAPIST Do you gamble in order to Yes Is it important for you to be seen as a winner? No forget about the rest of your life? You are a HIGH ROLLER La Can you afford to wager hundreds of dollars (or more) per round? No Yes You are a SOCIALITE l'll raise you $100 HUSTLERS They are in it to win it. They play a limited number of games, restrict themselves to those they understand and have a winning' system for. Hello:) I'm John. SOCIALITES Socialites are 'people people' and gamble for the company. Socialites are not inherently competitive and rather than being drawn by big jackpots, are likely to favour low value games where they can conserve their funds. Rather than obsessing over winning, they believe it is the taking part that counts. SHOW OFFS Show offs love the attention and can be flamboyant, making an entrance and buying their chips without much discretion. They often look like high rollers, but their ego is usually larger than their bank account. Show offs often wear bright colours, sport a beaming face and can be quite loud. ESCAPISTS Everyone enjoys entertainment including watching films, television, and of course the occasional flutter. The hallmark of escapists however, is that they are less motivated by a love of gambling, than their desire to avoid engaging with other aspects of their lives. Of course we all love escapism, but usually it's kept in check as part of a busy, balanced life. HIGH ROLLERS High rollers are wealthy and so tend to gravitate towards games with larger prizes, since betting the equivalent of a regular person's life savings won't even raise their heartbeat. Of course, being a high roller means that you won't just win big, but lose big. EURO PALACE games YOU MAY ENJOY ONLINE * COM Escapists STOMB BATTLESTAR GALACTICA RAIDER JURASSIC PARK ONLINE SLOY ONLINE SLOT TMAO Uvers d and Am Socialites ALL АCES Classio LOUISIANA DOUBLE Poker BLACKJACK POKER Hustlers ROBO JNK Baccarat BOOM! ONLINE OLOT Show offs Premier ROULETT MEGA MOOLAH DIAM.O.N.D EDITI.O.N SPLASH High Rollers EMATORE MILLIONS * 5 REEL Troasure Nile ROLL THE DICE > find out what playa you are Reforances http:/ ty%20Escapism%20ln%20Pathologicalx20Gamblers.pdf GAMCARE ČERTIFIED

Are You a Hustler or a High Roller?

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Tell us how you gamble and we’ll tell you who you are! Your gambling style is a huge give-away to the kind of personality you have. Are you an attention seeker, a people person, or a go-getter? A...


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