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Your Dog Hates Being Hugged

I'M A DOG. I HATE HUGS. GET OVER IT. DOGS HATE HUGS! RESEARCHERS STUDIED PICTURES OF HUMANS HUGGING DOGS 81.6% OF THE DOGS SHOWED VISIBLE SIGNS OF DISTRESS DISCOMFORT, STRESS, OR ANXIETY BLAH BLAH BLAH... SO WE HATE HUGS BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER COOL STUFF DOGS CAN DO? DID YOU KNOW DOGS CAN LAUGH? RESEARCHERS RECORDED DOGS 15 PUPPIES WERE PLAYED AT PLAY AND DISCOVERED A DOG LAUGH-TRACK AND INSTANTLY BEGAN JOYFULLY PLAYING TOGETHER DOG LAUGH-TRACKS ARE NOW PLAYED FOR SHELTER DOGS AS IT HELPS TO DOG LAUGHTER HAS ITS OWN FREQUENCY REDUCE THEIR STRESS Animal researcher Stanley Coren copied the “hhuh-hhah-hhuh-hhah.." sound, causing his own dogs to sit up and come to him from across the room DOGS GRIEVE WHEN THEIR FRIENDS DIE 2/3 of dogs showed signs of grieving after the loss of a friend, including: - Loss of appetite - Overt clinginess to owner - Disinterest in day-to-day activities YOUR DOG REALLY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND DOG HELP CRYING STRANGERS WHEN A STRANGER TREATED THEIR OWNER BADLY 83.3% OF DOGS 61.1% OF DOGS placed in a room with a crying stranger refused to accept a treat left their owners side to lick and from that stranger console the crying stranger DOGS READ EACH OTHER'S EMOTIONS? Doctors studied the facial expressions and body movements of dogs as they interacted with each other DOGS MIRROR EACH OTHER'S FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND BEHAVIORS IN THE SAME WAY HUMANS DO DOGS GET JEALOUS 86% OF THE DOGS Dogs showed jealousy when their owners displayed affection toward a fake dog that barked, snapped at/pushed against the toy dog and tried to separate whined, and wagged its tail it from their owner In spite of the whole hugging thing... ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT YOUR DOG REALLY DOES LOVE YOU (science proves it) OXYTOCIN LEVELS RISE WHEN DOGS PLAY WITH THEIR OWNERS OXYTOCIN (THE LOVE HORMONE) y 57.2% RISE ALONE WITH OWNER Dear Friend, Just like humans, dogs are complicated creatures. We have our likes and dislikes just like you. But this hugging thing has gotten way out of hand. We've been tight for thousands of years... Are you really gonna throw all that away over this? Sorry if we hurt your feelings, but think about all the good times we've shared together. We would die for you. Literally. Cat's won't do that. So... can Love folways, Dogs we be best friends again? Sources: THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: CANINE PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Made Possible by These Generous Human Donors N NOWSOURCING Pet Insurance

Your Dog Hates Being Hugged

shared by NowSourcing on May 26
Dogs are awesome but they hate being hugged. Check out this infographic for more about the emotional life of dogs!




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