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Your Day vs Your Pets' Day

YOUR DAY VS YOUR PETS' DAY 24HS Zz 4:00 AM WAKE UP! поре. z2. Feed me! Play with me! Rub my bell. NOT TOO MUCH. y ou have betrayed my trust! SCRATCHES FACE You start to rouse as varíous anímals begin to stír. Dog notíces cat is awake. Ig nores it. This is YOUR problem. 5:00 AM Shut bedroom door to block further attacks from anímals. WHY? mia ow. Poops. Remembers t oilet roll is a thin. mow? 6:00 AM Half asleep. Awaiting inevitable alam. Asleep, but within earshot of door opening. 7:00 AM Wake up. Cat spies human's lapt op based WAKE UP! Eat breakfast. activities. Open lapt op to check emails. :FACEBOOK: Eat. Walkies. Sniff Bums. Sits on keyboard. Naps. Not tíred, just asserting AUTHORITY. f 8:00 AM Tríp over HMmm. I COULD GO OUT. But do l want to?. DON'T LEAVE ME! indecisive cat on way out of door. Arrive at work. :10 mínutes later: Dog spends next hour pining by the door, longing for human NO, Absolutely not. to return. Check facebook. f MA IL MAN! Mmm.tasty letters. In stantly regrets sta ying in side. Meeting. Spends 2 hours plot tíng the demise of the pigeon mocking hím from the wind ow sill. Poop in shoe. Drink from toilet. More work. Sleep. Q 10:00 AM Make tea for every one. Sleep. Q Telk to Mandy from accounts. Check facebook. Sleep. LUNCH! 2:00 PM STILL HUNGRY. Emergen cy biscuits? Sleep. Орen Emergen cy Biscuits. Anticipa tes return of human.. Check facebook. 5:00 PM YOU'RE Back home. ALIVE! I LOVE YOU! NEVER LEAVE AGAIN! Dinner. FOOD. Netflix. FOOD. Cat in way of TV. NOW. Yes, yes, hello. FOOD. 8:00 PM Sleep. WALKIES! Biggest. Stíck. EVER. V 9:00 PM Fall a sleep on sofa. Nice bit of late-night barking. because the TWILIGHT. Time to go out. Make difficult neighb ours LOVE IT. OR IS IT?. decision to move to bedroom. Wonder if Tiddles is knocking ab out?. GRR. ARF! 2. ARF! ARF! Spend 10 mínutes deciding. 10: 00 PM 2z Zz INTERESTING FACTS CATS DOGS Cats sleep around 15-16 hours a day. Dogs sleep around 12-14 hours a day. Cats spend an additíonal 4-5 hours a day resting. Dogs of ten spend 50 % of a day sleeping, 30 % lyíng around, 20 % being active. Cats are crepuscular, which means they are Dogs that bark most : ARE! Miniature Schnauzers, Caim Terriers and most actíve around twilight :dawn/dusk: York shire Teriers. Sources: Brought to you by 22

Your Day vs Your Pets' Day

shared by BoomOnline on Jan 19
Ever wondered what your pets get up to whilst you're at work? This funny infographic from Vibrant Doors compares your day to your pets, with hilarious results. If you have any pets, you'll definitely ...


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