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Yorkshire Terrier Care Guide

How to care for your YORKSHIRE TERRIER 1. Make sure your house is Puppy Proof First things first, you want your home to be as safe and welcoming as possible for your little Yorkie, so be sure to scan every room and look for any potentially dangerous hazards. Find a Vet and book an appointment 2. With Yorkshire Terriers being so small, it's best to find a vet that specifically deals with tiny dogs. Ask your friends or family for recommendations or have a look online and see what other people have chosen. 3. Feed them the correct type & amount It is best to feed your puppy the food your breeder recommends for at least two weeks. If you want to feed your puppy a higher grade or natural grade of dog food start by mixing the new dog food with the present dog food at a 3 to 1 ratio for 5 days. Yorkie puppies should eat 3-4 times per day. Napping is important for new pups 4. Yes, taking a nap is just as important, if not more important for a yorkie puppy as it is for children. The size the puppy is one of the factors that determine how often the puppy needs to rest. The naps help the yorkie build back its reserve. J. Bathing is crucial for your pups hygeine It is necessary to bathe your puppy anywhere from once a week to once a month. The environment, type of haircut, and quality of coat all affect how often your new puppy needs to take a bath. Any good shampoo and conditioner will do. Grooming properly and not halfheartedly 6 Daily brushing is recommended to maintain the coat and keep it mat free. Wash mucus from the corners of the dog's eyes, daily if needed, with a cloth or wad of cotton soaked in warm water. Clipping nails and cleaning their ears regularly is to be included within your grooming routine. 7. Brush your little guys teeth Use a tooth brush and paste made for dogs available at all pet stores. Make sure you have the yorkie's teeth checked by a vet after 6-8 months as sometimes baby teeth need to be removed. 8. Most importantly - love them! If you're new pup isn't given the love and care they deserve, then they're likely to become stressed, and with this comes illness. Love them properly, give them regular cuddles and be sure to follow all of the above steps! Infographic by. @PuppiesLondon HANWELL PET STORE

Yorkshire Terrier Care Guide

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Looking for the perfect guide to care for your Yorkshire Terrier? This visual offers 8 simple steps to looking after your Yorkshire Terrier. Perfect for first time dog owners. Created by Hanwell Pet Store


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