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Yellow Sac Spider Infographic

YELLOW SAC SPIDER YELLOW MEANS DANGER WHEN IT COMES TO THIS SPIDER. THE YELLOW SAC SPIDER IS SMALL, BUT ITS VENON ATTACKS FLESH IN A BIG WAY, ROTTING IT FROM THE INSIDE OUT. A BITE FROM THE YELLOW SAC SPIDER WON'T KILL A HUMAN, BUT IT MIGHT LEAVE HIM OR HER IN A WORLD OF HURT. WHEN HUNTING INSECTS, THIS SPIDER USES ITS TOXINS TO SPEEDILY KILL PREY. CREATURE FEATURES Species: Cheiracanthium/Various Size: Lengh up to 0,5 in Habitat: All land habitats between VENOM GUNS:The yellow sac spider has big fangs for such a small spider, and they're attached to even bigger venom glands. This arachnid pinches its fangs together to bite, killing its insect prey in seconds with a single dose of venom. Antarctica and the Arctic Circle Prey: Insects and spiders Lifespan: About a year MOVE ALONG: Long, skinny legs help this small predator move fast. The yellow sac spider hunts out in the open at night, sprinting after prey through the grass and even inside houses. The spider closes in so fast it catches prey off guard and easily overpowers them. SURVIVAL MASTERY Source:

Yellow Sac Spider Infographic

shared by samuelsamuel on Feb 12
Dangerous spider features that will leave human in a world of pain if biten




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