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The World of International Shipping

THE WORLD OF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Every day of every week, container ships transport goods all over the world on the international seas. The shipping industry handles more than 90% of the world's trade. To mark Petroleum Day on November 17th discover the facts about the world shipping industry. THE SHIPPING CONTAINER TRADE < O There are 1578 metric tons carried by containers right now O Containers consist of 2/3rds of all maritime transport O The value of the international seaborne trade is $15 trillion US That's 1/5th of the entire World's GDP of 74.9 trillion USD OThe container market is projected to grow by 6.4% in 2016 O Most merchant ships, almost 7000, sail under Panama's flag That's a whopping 6,979 ships GETTING SHIPMENT FROM OVERSEAS - < THE PROCESS 3 II An order is placed for goods from an overseas supplier. 2. A trucking company collects the order and puts it into a 40ft container with other orders Overseas supplier liaises with freight forwarder to arrange transport from the country to the person/company that places the order 6. The container is bolted shut and Before port docking the captain provides a report to the destination government that contains information about the ship, the crew and cargo fitted with a high security seal The container shipping line submits shipment documentation authorities in the exporting and importing countries government Once clearance is received, the ship docks at a berth close to the cranes used to unload the cargo Once cleared the container is loaded onto a special truck or chassis to head to its destination Customs officials who will have all the relevant documentation may select containers for inspection OIL & THE SHIPPING INDUSTRY Globally, 1.9 billion metric tons of crude oil was transported via waterways in 2013. Oil shipped vs Oil spilled 18000 16000 13000 14000 2719 2798 2805 2998 12000 3000 10000 2644 10000 2500 8000 2000 6000 1500 4000 1000 2000 2000 500 100 Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Year 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Annual quantity of oil spilt (tonnes) Annual seaborne trade - crude oil (million tonnes) Source: ITOPF Annual Statistics and Clarksons Shipping Intelligence Network IMO document CWGSP 12/3 THE DECLINE IN SHIPPING OIL SPILLAGES In the 1990s there were In the 2000s there were 361 oil spills over 7 tonnes 1,137,000 tonnes of oil was lost Almost 4 of this amount was spilt in just 181 spills over 7 tonnes Only 210,000 tonnes of oil lost Almost half of this amount was spilt in just 10 incidents 2 incidents. BENEFITS OF LINER SHIPPING 1 Efficiency In 1 year, a single large containership might carry over 200,000 container loads of cargo. While individual ships vary in size and carrying capacity, many container ships can transport up to 8,000 containers of goods on a single voyage. Some car carrier ships can handle 7,600 cars. Global Economic Engine Liner shipping industry transports goods representing approximately 1/3 of the total value of global trade Ocean shipping contributes significantly to international stability and security Low Environmental Impact The most carbon-efficient mode of transportation Produces fewer grams of exhaust gas emissions for each ton of cargo transported than air, rail, or road transport. The millions of containers used worldwide are 98% recyclable GLOBAL EXPORTS BY REGION AUG 2014< Asia – 59.66% Australasia – 1.77% North America - 10.05% South & Central America – 4.66% Europe - 16.29% Sub Saharan Africa – 2.07% Indian Sub Continent & Middle East – 5.50% Container ship fleet size by nationality of proprietor in 2013 (in 1,000 TEUS*) * Twenty-foot equivalent units Germany 5,043 Denmark 1,412 Japan 1,279 Greece 1,169 Switzerland 1,051 China 1,025 Taiwan 888 France 743 Singapore 691 South Korea 486 Others 3,324 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 5,000 5,500 Fleet size (in thousand TEUS) WORLD'S BUSIEST SHIPPING LANE < The Dover Strait. 500-600 ships a day pass through the narrow strait between the UK Cargoes include oil from the Middle-East to European ports, and various commodities from North and South America to European customers. and France. The Malacca Straits, off the Malaysian peninsula, is believed to handle more traffic (vessels), but less tonnage. In 1999, 1.4 billion tonnes France gross, carried by 62,500 UK vessels passed through the Dover Strait. Shanghai is leading port by container handling SHIPPING IN NUMBERS KI Modern container shipping celebrated its 50 anniversary in 2006. Containers come in various standard sizes - 20 foot (6.09 m), 40 foot (12.18 m) , 45 foot (13.7 m), 48 foot (14.6 m), and 53 foot (16.15 m) It is estimated that 675 large containers are lost at sea each year (ref: World Shipping Council) 10% of containers that go overboard are holding household chemicals that could be toxic to marine life BFF BRACKEN FOAM FABRICATORS References Documents/International%20Shipping%20-%20Facts%20and%20Figures.pdf Nationality of owner

The World of International Shipping

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A single container ship travels the equivalent of three-quarters of the way to the moon and back – in one year! This infographic explores the international shipping industry, and examines how vital ...


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