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World Heritage Sites a Refugee for endangered cats

WORLD HERITAGE SITES HOME TO MOST OF THE CAT SPECIES OF THE WORLD OF THE 36 REMAINING The most recent cat species to have become extinct was the giant sabre-toothed smilodon. It survived for 2.5 million years in the Americas, becoming extinct only 10,000 years ago. At 400kg, it would have been the largest cat of all. CAT SPECIES, 35 OF THEM CALL AT LEAST ONE WORLD HERITAGE SITE EX HOME. EXTINCT WORLD HERITAGE SITES ARE AMONG THE SAFEST REFUGES FOR THE WORLD'S REMAINING CAT SPECIES - LET'S BE SURE WE DON'T LOSE ANY MORE OF THEM. WORLD HERITAGE AND CAT CONSERVATION FACTS: LARGEST TIGER (Panthera tigris) THERE ARE NINE TIGER SUBSPECIES THOUGH THE SPECIES AS A WHOLE IS LISTED AS ENDANGERED IN THE IUCN REDLIST, THE SMALLEST OF THE SUBSPECIES, THE SUMATRAN SUBSPECIES IS LISTED AS CRITICALLY ENDANGERED. IT SURVIVES MÓSTLY IN THE TROPICAL RAINFÓREȘT HERITAGE OF SUMATRA WÓRLD HERITAGE SITE (INDONESIA). RUSSIAN FEDERATION Central Sikhote-Alin, Russia Chitwan National Kazinranga National Manas Wildlife CHINA Three Parallel Rivers of Mount Wuyi NEPAL .Yunnan Protected Areas INDIA CR BÁNGLADÉSH Sundarbans National Park CTITICALY ENDANGERED SUMATRAN TIGER The Sundarbari Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park VIET NAM THAILAND Thungyai-Huai Khi Khaeng Wildife Sanctuary Dong Phayayen- Khao Yai Forest Complex Western Ghats MALAYSIA Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra VNDONESIA EX EX EX CR CR EN EN EN EN SOUTH CHINA TIGER (Not seen in 40 years.) BALI CASPIAN SUMATRAN INDIAN MALAYAN TIGER INDOCHINESE TIGER JAVAN AMUR TIGER TIGER TIGER TIGER TIGER TIGER SMALLEST GUIÑA (Leopardus guigna) THE MOST ENDANGERED IBERIAN LYNX (Lynx pardinus) Los Glaciares National Park, (Argentina) Doñana National Park, (Spain) The Iberian lynx is considered listed as critically enda gered on IUCN RedList. An estimated 200 adults survive, many of them in this WH site. PORTUÇAL Smaller than the average house cat, living in dispersed areas in central and southern Chile and marginally in adjoining areas of Argentina. Population estimates: 2,000 SPAIN Doñana National Park Main Threats: Prey scarcity – the Iberian lynx feeds mostly on rabbits, and these have been ARGENTINA disappearing due to disease and overhunting. Habitat loss is a contribut- ing factor. VU Los Glaciares * National Park CR VULNERABLE CTITICALLY ENDANGERED SNOW LEOPARD (Panthera uncial) BORNEO CAT (Catopuma badia) Kinabalu and Gunung Mulu National Parks, (Malaysia) These sites are on the island of Borneo, where this large dusky This iconic cat is found in several World Heritage sites through Central and East Asia into Siberia. EN cat survives in numbers estimated to be as low as 2,500 mature individuals. ENDANGERED RUSSIAN FEDERATION Golden Mountains of Altai Uvs Nuur Basin MONGOLIA Kinabalu National Park- EN Gunung Mulu National Park.. Central Sikhote-Alin MALAYSIA Sichuan Giant Panda Reserves Singapore ENDANGERED TropicaNairforest heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia Nanda Devi and National Valley of Flowers Park National Parks NEPAL Sagarmatha CHINA UNDONESIA Three Parallel Yunnan Rivers d Areas The suspected global population of this very elusive cat is no more than 2,500 INDIA FLAT HEADED CAT ANDEAN CAT (Leopardus jacobita) THE MOST WIDESPREAD IN WH SITES LEOPARD (Panthera pardus) (Prionailurus planiceps) Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra (Indonesia) Has suffered from the massive destruction of tropical lowland forests and coastal mangroves. 48 sites. Though hard to spot in the wild (it likes to hide), the leopard is widespread and relatively common in many African World Heritage sites Estimated population: Their total population is estimated to be a few hundreds of thousands, though some subspecies survive in very small numbers only. For example, the Amur leopard population is estimated at no more than 35. Manu and Huascaran National Parks, and Historic Sanctu- ary of Machu Picchu (Peru) Main threats: Habitat loss from extensive mining, resource extraction for fuel and cattle grazing. EN Huascaran National Park ENDANGERED NT Manu National Park EN PERU Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu NEAR THREATENED ENDANGERED FISHING CAT (Prionailurus viverrinus) 8 sites in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. An expert at catching fish, this rare cat is at risk from water pollution and habitat loss. LARGEST RANGE IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE COUGAR (Puma concolor) EN ENDANGERED LC MUNDIAL - LEAST PATRIMONIO IESCO CONCERN Reported in 34 World Heritage sites in the Americas, from Nahanni National Park in Canada's North- west Territories, to Peninsula Valdes in Argentina Total population is estimated in the tens of thousands ERITAGE PATRIMOINE United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage Convention "Only the black-footed cat, whose range is in southwestern africa, is absent from world heritage site species records. Credits: IUCN SPECIES SURVIVAL COMMISSION CAT SPECIALIST GROoUP, ARTWORK FOR MANY CATS IS Infographic: GUILLERMO MUNRO" memuco"- - INSPIRED FROM PICTURES FOUND ON ARKIVE.ORG

World Heritage Sites a Refugee for endangered cats

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Got together with the UN World Heritage sites and produced a infographic showing how endangere cats thrive once an area is declared a UNESCO site


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