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The Wondrous Stages of Puppy Development

The Wondrous Stages of Puppy Development: The first 18 months of puppy life comes with a process of exciting physical and mental changes that you as a new puppy owner should be aware of. Neo-Natal Stage 0-2 Weeks > Puppy is Born > Influenced strongly by mother > Develop senses of touch and taste at birth Transitional Stage Starts being influenced by littermates 2-4 Weeks > Eyes and ears open and senses develop > Puppy stands and starts walking 1st Socialization Stage > Puppy picks up cues from littermates and human interaction 4-8 Weeks > Starts learning social structure and pack ranking > Increase in mobility including wrestling with littermates and exploring surroundings 2nd Socialization Stage > Becoming more aware of surroundings and human interaction ) Puppy is developing a sense of self and will start responding to his/her name > Able to leave his/her mother and littermates and start his life with a new family! 8-12 Weeks Will begin to experience fear: Avoid loud noises or potentially scary situations Can begin training and housebreaking Always use positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement can damage your bond with your pup and will cause behavioral problems later on in life. Ranking Stage The Terrible Twos! 3-6 Months A second fear/flight stage will occur keep your pup on a leash or in a secured environment > Puppy will be forming dominant vs. submissive behavior > Picking up more and more social cues from new "littermates" > Will establish a place in your pack > Introduce your pup to new dogs and humans around town to increase socialization Hide your Shoes! Teething occurs > Continue training: Correct negative actions, especially biting, and always use positive reinforcement Early Adolescent Stage > Most influenced by human interaction so keep up a regular training regimen 6-12 Months ILike a human teenager, your puppy will start to act out and test his/her boundaries > Second chewing phase occurs to test new territory > Sexual maturation occurs in non-spayed/neutered dogs Late Adolescent Stage 12-18 Months > By 12-18 months your pup is almost fully developed physically, but mentally he/she is still very much a puppy > In an attempt to mature your pup may test his/her social rank and try to become a more dominant figure in the pack > Keep up training activities and give your pup more difficult tasks and commands What is PupBox? A monthly subscription for new puppy owners that delivers educational material, treats, toys, and accessories straight to your front. Each box will highlight 4 or more puppy safe products personalized by puppy age and physical characteristics. Educational material will be provided with each box to help walk new puppy owners ihrough the many training steps and developmental changes they will encounter throughout puppyhood. We will be launching in early 2014 sign up for updates at! .. .

The Wondrous Stages of Puppy Development

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Check out an infographic we created to help walk you through the many steps and developmental stages you and your new pup will encounter throughout puppyhood.




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