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Why Body Cameras May Reduce Police Use of Force?

WHY BODY CAMERAS MAY REDUCE POLICE USE OF FORCE A RECENT 12 MONTH CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY STUDY IN RIALTO, CALIFORNIA SUGGESTS BODY CAMERAS REDUCE USE OF FORCE BETWEEN POLICE AND CITIZENS 12 MONTH STUDY o.! Shifts without 115 cameras experiences the use of force. POLICE OFFICERS BEFORE AFTER 2.5X Globally, the 12 month period prior to camera experiment had as much use of force than the 12 months during the use of cameras. THERE IS A NATIONWIDE CONCERN THAT OFFICERS ARE NOT BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EXCESSIVE FORCE. According to FBI, from 2005 -2011 97% of fatal shootings by police officers were deemed justifiable homicide. WHY DOES A CAMERA MATTER? WE ALL ACT ON OUR BEST BEHAVIOR WHEN WE THINK SOMEONE IS WATCHING. EXAMPLE WASHING HAND IN BATHROOM WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING. 39 % of people wash hands when no one is looking, but... 77% of people wash hands when observer in bathroom. WHICH IS PROVING SOMETHING WE KNOW FROM OUR COMMON EXPERIENCE: Children behave better during Christmas when Santa is watching. ...OR Trick-or-treaters take less candy from an unmonitored bowl when there is a mirror placed above them. IT WILL EFFECT NOT ONLY THE OFFICERS' BEHAVIOR, BUT THE CITIZEN'S BEHAVIOR AS WELL: DASHBOARD CAMERAS IN CARS In 2001 study, 48% of 93% and said officers' reported citizens dashboard cameras had become less aggressive exonerated them from after learning they were false citizen complaints. being recorded, THE CUMULATIVE EFFECT COULD BE BOTH THE CITIZEN AND THE OFFICER BEING ON THE BEST BEHAVIOR. During the Rialto study, the total amount of citizen complaining about excessive force, against officers partaking in the body camera initiative, decreased by 90%! ARE POLICE USING MORE RESTRAINT OR ARE THE CITIZENS? DOES IT REALLY MATTER? WHAT SOME PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT BODY CAMERAS ON COPS: WHILE THERE MAY BE PRIVACY CONCERNS WHERE VIDEOTAPING IS CONCERNED, THE GENERAL PUBLIC BELIEVES THERE ARE POSITIVES TO BODY CAMERAS. 90,10, OF people believe the cameras can increase transparency and accountability. President Obama seems to agree, to the tune of a 263 MILLION dollar grant which further funds the body camera initiative. "WHEN YOU PUT A CAMERA ON A POLICE OFFICER, THEY TEND TO BEHAVE A LITTLE BETTER, FOLLOW THE RULES A LITTLE BETTER. AND IF A CITIZEN KNOWS THE OFFICER IS WEARING A CAMERA, CHANCES ARE THE CITIZEN WILL BEHAVE A LITTLE BETTER." - Willam A. Farrar, Chief of Police, Rlalto (Californla) Police Department (Lovett 2013) SOURCES an-violence/ Eohf3QV7.dpbs

Why Body Cameras May Reduce Police Use of Force?

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