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Where Do Different Cat Breeds Come From?

WHERE DO DIFFERENT CAT BREEDS COME FROM Cats have been companions to humans for thousands of years, as rodent control, comforting pets, and members of the family. Cats have even been objects of superstition and worship in our shared history. Today, there are over 70 different breeds of domestic cats recognized, depending which organization you ask. CATS AROUND THE WORLD All modern cats are descended from the Felis Sylvestris, or the Middle Eastern wildcat, the "cat of the woods." It's here that people began domesticating cats around 12,00o years ago. Cats have been brought to all parts of the world, both as stowaways on ships, and as companions to the humans that brought them. Cat breeds are distinguished by features that set them apart from other breeds, like the color and type of their coat, their size, and the placement and shape of their eyes, ears, and more. 95% of US cats are randomly 95% bred, and are simply called the American Domestics. The other 5% are pedigreed cats such as the Birman, Persian, Siamese, American 5% Shorthair, and more. THE CAT FAMILY TREE Where do today's familiar cat breeds come from? Humans have bred some for specific traits, and others have evolved without our help. Felis Sylvestris Persian Abyssinian Si─ůmese. Birman British Shorthair American Domestic Oriental Sphynx American Shorthair Exotic Ragdoll Maine Coon Did You KnoW.. Cats have been bred for desirable physical and personality traits, and sometimes a natural mutation will introduce a completely new trait. Many Maine Coons exhibit polydactylism, the growth of an extra toe -it's perfectly healthy and it helps spread their paws to walk on the snow. The oldest evidence of wildcat domestication comes from a tomb in Cyprus where a human was buried alongside a cat 9,500 years ago! Because of their sleek body shape, even one day of over-eating can give a Siamese cat a pot-belly appearance, so their nutrition should be monitored extra closely. The hair of an Abyssinian cat is "ticked," meaning it has a lighter base that grows into three or four darker bands at the tip. Oriental cats were intentionally bred for their sleek design: long tail, slender legs, almond eyes, and large ears. Sphynx cats first appeared when a naturally hairless cat was bred to continue the trait. They often don't trigger allergies. Russian Blue cats like consistency in their schedule-be sure to feed them at a regular time! erican Domestic cats are typically healthy and vigorous because of their mixed genes. Though it is harder to predict specific traits and dispositions, the American Domestic is truly the people's cat. The The Ragdoll cat is named for their tendency to go limp when picked up, but these are spirited cats, and can even be taught to play fetch. PetCareRx Brought to you by Your Answer for Happier, Healthier Pets Sources:;;;;;;;;;;;

Where Do Different Cat Breeds Come From?

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With over 70 breeds recognized amongst cat aficionados today, it can be hard to keep your facts straight about where cats come from. This infographic, powered by PetCareRx, gives you the low down on s...





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