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Where Did Iconic People Have Their Eureka Moment?

Where Did Iconic People Have Their EUREKA Moment? Dreaming Paul McCartney James Watson Mary Shelley Melody for "Yesterday" Double Helix Structure of DNA Frankenstein's Monster McCartney has recalled that he James Watson and his partner Francis Mary, along with her husband-to-be composed the entire melody to the hit Crick discovered the double helix Percy, and poet Lord Byron, challenged song "Yesterday" in his sleep. When he structure of DNA when Watson had a each other to come up with a ghost woke he rushed to his piano in order vision of a spiral staircase in a dream. story. Unable to, Mary retired to her to remember the song! room to sleep. Her subsequent dream became the inspiration for her now famous novel. Dmitri Mendeleev Elias Howe Otto Loewi Experiment To Prove Chemical Signalling Across The Synapse The Periodic Table Sewing Machine Needle Mendeleev has claimed that he first Howe had a dream in which a savage The experiment to prove synaptic envisioned The Periodic Table in a king gave him 24 hours to make a transmission was chemical came to dream in which all the elements "fell sewing machine or he was to be Loewi in a dream. To his dismay he woke into place as required". He also claims killed. As in real life, he struggled and forgot the idea, but amazingly had to have only made one correction to with the needle design, until he the same dream the following night the table he dreamt of. noticed that the king's guards had which he used in his discovery! their spears pierced near the top. Howe used this same idea for the sewing machine needle. Bathing Freddie Mercury Archimedes Idea for "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Determining The Volume Of An Object With An Irregular Shape The hit Queen song was composed by The original Eureka moment occurred Freddie Mercury in just 10 minutes as when the bath that Archimedes he lounged in a bath in his Munich entered overflowed, resulting in him hotel. The song was written by running through the streets shouting Mercury as a tribute to Elvis Presley. "Eureka!". The discovery allowed Archimedes to find if a crown given to the King had been cut with silver and led to the Archimedes Principle Travelling JK Rowling Albert Einstein Kary Mullis Harry Potter Special Relativity Polymerase Chain Reaction The books that took the world by The first thought experiment behind The idea that allowed DNA segments storm and sparked a huge franchise one of Einstein's most famous to be quickly and efficiently amplified first came to Rowling when she was on theories came when he saw a clock came to Mullis during a late night a busy train home. She didn't have a pass whilst riding a streetcar - leading drive with his girlfriend. For this idea pen on her and so had to wait until she him to ponder on the characteristics he was later awarded the Nobel Prize. returned home to write the idea down! of time, which led to the Theory of Special Relativity. Nikola Tesla George de Mestral Gustav Mahler Alternating Current Velcro 7th Symphony The idea for a brushless alternating After a walk with his dog, Mestral Mahler was struggling to complete his current motor came to Tesla while on noticed that many burrs had stuck to seventh symphony when he got in a a walk. Without a pen he sketched his dog's fur. He looked at these under boat to cross the Worthersee Lake. The the idea in the sand on a path to his microscope and used the hook and dip of the oars sparked the inspiration show a colleague. loop mechanism he observed as the for the rhythm of his new symphony. idea for Velcro. Working JRR Tolkien Percy Spencer Sir Alec Jeffreys The Hobbit Microwave Oven DNA Fingerprinting Tolkien was marking students' exam Spencer was working with Whilst looking at the X-ray film image papers when he came across a blank magnetrons when he realised that a of DNA from his technician's family, page. He scribbled the first idea that chocolate bar in his pocket had Jeffreys realised that the unique came to his head down on this page. melted. Spencer realised that similarities and differences between The idea he wrote down later became microwaves were responsible for the people's DNA could be used to The Hobbit! heating of his food and went on to identify individuals, either as parental invent the microwave oven. tests or at crime scenes. Wilson Greatbatch Alexander Fleming (PV 500 (RV 500 Pacemaker Penicillin Working on building an oscillator to Fleming was working when he saw record heart sounds, Greatbatch added a petri dished containing the wrong resistor to the device, which Staphylococcus had been left open then began to give off a rhythmic and developed mould. He noticed electrical pulse. He at once realised that no bacteria grew in the area that this could be used to mimic the surrounding the mould and beating of the heart and began work realised that a substance released on the implantable pacemaker. by the mould could have anti-bacterial properties. This eventually became Penicillin. Relaxing Friedrich August Kekulé Spencer Silver Sir Isaac Newton Ring Shape of Benzene Post it Notes Gravity The seemingly impossible shape of Having discovered a "low tack" The famous story goes that Newton C6H6 benzene was cracked when adhesive, Silver did not have a use for was sat under an apple tree and had Kekulé had a daydream of a snake that it. It wasn't until he was singing in an epiphany for his theory of gravity was biting its own tail - forming a church and needed a bookmark to as he saw an apple fall from the tree! shape similar to the molecule. save his pages that the penny dropped - to use it to create what are now Post-lt notes. 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Where Did Iconic People Have Their Eureka Moment?

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Eureka moments can come from anywhere - for Archimedes it came when he got into his bath, James Watson uncovered the structure of DNA in a dream and JK Rowling had the idea for Harry Potter on a crowd...


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