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What Is Your Animal Companion Saying?

IS YOUR ANIMAL COMPANION WHAT SAYING? Dogs and cats have learned to interpret our language (most dogs know more than 165 human words without being taught) but how well do we understand what they're saying? Humans understand NO dog words! So don't feel so smart! Animals may not speak "human," but they are constantly communicat- ing, and they have plenty to say-if we'd only pay attention. TELL-TAILS A wagging tail doesn't always mean a happy hound. Wags express many emotions: Wagging wide and fast = Friendly, happy to see you Loose, horizontal = Neutral, unsure Held high = Confident, in control Stiff, high, bristling and quivering = Aggressive, ready to attack Left or Ralit? Dogs wag their tails more to the right when they see someone they like, and more to the left when they see a stranger or an intimidating dog. LIFE'S RUFF' FOR LONELY DOGS A dog who barks continuously is usually saying "I'm lonely and depressed!" Bark-Busters: Hire a dog-walker Keep your pup in the house, never chained up Install a privacy fence and a dog Come home on your lunch break to spend time with your dog Joop Lits Play A dog's sigh might mean: "I'm happy and content" (if eyes are sleepy and half-closed) The unmistakable "play bow" is an invitation to romp and means that any displays of aggression that follow (like growling or showing teeth) are only part of the game. "I give up!" (if the dog is disappointed that you have been ignoring her polite requests for a walk) MIXED MESSAGES? When a cat rolls on her back and exposes her tummy, it can mean she trusts you completely and feels happy, safe and content, but not necessarily. When a dog does this, it usually means she is feeling submissive and afraid. CHATTY CATTIES A yowl while using the litterbox is a cry for help. Some cats "chatter" when seeing a bird from a window, possibly from frustration, excitement or anticipation. Something's seriously wrong-rush the cat to a vet ASAP. CAT TAILS Tails tell the tale of a kitty's feelings: 0000 Puffed up = Straight up = Happy to see you Swishing = Annoyed, edgy Relaxed, horizontal = Amicable, neutral Afraid, aggressive You Didat Su That Kitty Kisses Slow blinks while gazing into your Cats often lick vigorously to hide their embarrassment after missing a jump or falling from a chair. eyes mean "I love you." Be sure to return the gesture! PETA

What Is Your Animal Companion Saying?

shared by PETA on Nov 06
We owe it to our animal companions to learn a little "dogese" or "catish," so here are the meanings of some of the most common animal behaviors:




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