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What You Don't Know Can Make Your Dog Fat

What You Don't Know Can Make Your Dog Fat Help Your Dog Avoid Excessive Weight Gain Our dogs are the bright spots in our daily lives, so it's no question that we want to do all we can to keep them happy and healthy. But what you don't know as an owner may hurt your dog's health – especially when it comes to excessive weight gain. With these quick facts and tips, together we can do right by our four-legged friends. 43.8 million dogs were overweight or obese in 2014. Excess weight can put dogs at risk for: Osteoarthritis Insulin resistance & Type 2 diabetes High blood pressure Why does it matter? Heart & respiratory disease Cranial cruciate ligament injury Kidney disease That's 1 in every 2 dogs in the U.S. Many forms of cancer And the need for significantly earlier treatment of chronic conditions Source #5 Why is pet obesity on the rise? 95% of owners 42% of owners thought that their overweight or obese dog was a normal body condition said they didn't know what a "healthy weight" was for their pet Sources #6, #8 Weight challenges change with each life stage. Senior dogs sh Puppies need to achieve slow, steady growth. Too much muscle and weight gain too fast can strain bones and joints. Adult dogs must maintain an uld maintain their ideal body condition and avoid lean body mass. A senior dog's metabolism changes can lead to excessive weight gain by developing consistent and healthy habits. weight gain or loss of lean body mass, so calories and the type of diet should be adjusted accordingly. Sources #2, #7 Many dogs don't get enough exercise. 30 minutes to 2 hours of daily exercise is recommended depending on your dog's breed, size, health status, and age. Avoid activities that seem too strenuous for your dog - gauge his reaction and talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions. Toy/Small Breeds Medium Breeds Large/Giant Breeds Love it: Love it: Love it: Playing at the dog park, walks in the neighborhood Jogging, fetch, agility training Swimming, fetch, walks Leave it: Leave it: Jogging on hard surfaces Strenuous exercise like (stay on the grass!) jogging or swimming, especially for Brachycephalic (short nose) breeds Sources #3, #4 A broad feeding range may lead to overfeeding. A dog's weight doesn't tell the whole Dog owners can end up feeding about 37-80% more food than their dog needs while still staying The extra food adds up: A dog eating just 5% more than his daily energy requirement can gain 10% in body weight year story. Because feeding ranges on dog food labels are only recommendations, they can be too wide depending on a within the dog food label's dog's age, activity level, and other individual traits that influence his weight-based feeding guide. An over year. owner must constantly assess and daily energy needs. A dog owner is still consider their dog's unique traits to responsible for monitoring their dog's determine how much food is body condition and adjusting caloric intake accordingly. appropriate. Source #1 Owners reward begging with extra food. TRY THIS: Distract your begging dog by Giving him a toy to play with Taking him on a walk Offering him fresh water instead of food Source #9 No Two Dogs are the Same. Help Keep Your Unique Dog Healthy. JUST RIGHT Tia's Blend JUST RIGHT Rover's Blend Oliver's Blend The right nutrition and the right activity level can help keep your dog happy and healthy. And when you create a personalized blend of Just Right® by Purina®, you can be confident in knowing that your dog's food was created with NET WTALO DOG FO0D you – down to the calorie count - with his nutritional needs, preferences, life stage, lifestyle, and goals in mind. JUST RIGHT by PURINA Create your dog's ideal blend of food at Sources: 1. Cave, Nick, PhD. Controversies in Pet Obesity Management. Nestle Purina Companion Animal Nutritional Summit. 2015. 2. 3. 4. Kansas State University. Vet Says Owners Should Exercise With Their Dogs Based On Specific Needs To Prevent Obesity. ScenceDaily. 2009. 5. 6. 7. 8. Ward, Ernie, DVM. The Weight of Silence: Opinions, Attitudes and Solutions for the Pet Obesity Crisis. Nestle Purina Companion Animal Nutritional Summit. 2015. 9. Webb, Thomas L., PhD. Why Pet Owners Overfeed: A Self-Regulation Perspective. Nestle Purina Companion Animal Nutritional Summit. 2015.

What You Don't Know Can Make Your Dog Fat

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America is home to 43.8 million overweight dogs, yet most dog owners don't realize that their dog's weight isn't ideal.Unfortunately, what you don't know can hurt your dog's health.


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