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What are Google algorithms and why do they matter?

5-r S-r 5-r +-1 tana tan LINK WHAT ARE SCHEMES GOOGLE ALGORITHMS KEYWORS STUFFING S- OVER OPTIMISATIO AND WHY DO THEY MATTER? UNNATURAL LINKS cas xda -sunx 5-absnd 5-habsind tand - The Google şearch engine is one of the most popular entry points to the vast store of websites that constitutę the online world. Businesses know that to be successful they must receive the best possible share of Google searches directed to their website. The more successful a business is with its online presence, the higher it is ranked by Google. SEARCH ENGINE MARKET SHARE Google - Global: 71.02% Other: 1.06% Ask Global : 0.12% AOL - Global: 0.22% ALGORITHMS ARE THE FORMULAS THAT TAKE YOUR SEARCH QUERIES AND PROVIDE ANSWERS Bing: 5.94% Yahoo - Global: 6.06% Baidu: 15.57 % PR (v) OPTIMISING FOR ALGORITHMS IMPROVE SEARCH RANKINGS PageRank of inbound link Number of links on that page OR PR(u) = (1 – d)+dx > NM PageRank of site = Successful online businesses know that if they tailor their online presence to meet the Google algorithm criteria, they Today Google's algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals or "clues" that make it possible to guess what you might really be looking for. These signals include things like the terms on websites, the freshness of content, your region and PageRank. will be rewarded with more traffic. ANATOMY OF WEBDESIGN THAT IS PROVEN TO CONVERT unique content with added value hero image with problem ånd solutions THE GOOGLE ALGORITHM IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING strong brand clean navigation keyword rich services call to action lead capturing form One of the tasks of an SEO marketer, or a digital agency, is to monitor these updates and determine what changes need to be made to clients' websites. social proofs LOGO IERE • Visits PENGUINS Your title goes here 2,000 2.0 content rewriting 2.1 Hand site updates 1.0 |1.1 |#3 H removing keywords links 1,000 April 2012 July 2012 October 2012 January 2013 April 2013 July 2013 October 2013 UPDATES: PANDA, PENGUIN, PAYDAY AND MORE GOOGLE PANDA (2011) GOOGLE PENGUIN (2012) KEYWORD STUFFING The Google Panda algorithm was designed to penalize low quality websites that lacked worthwhile content. For sites to be optimised for Panda, SEO specialists need to ensure that articles and content are not only original, but contribute actual value. Google Penguin took aim at websites that used deceitful SEO practices in order to try to gain unjustified high rankings. Penguin penalised the ranking of websites that were spammy, keyword-stuffed, had dubious links and were 'over-optimised.' PAGES CNA Training and Certification in Washington 6-Step Guide to Start Your Michigan CNA Career A Guide to CNA Courses & Certification in New Hampshire Become a Certified Nursing Assistant in RANY MOOD Kansas Become a Certifed Nursing Assistant in Kentucky OVER OPTIMISED WEBSITE Becoming a CNA in Milwaukee Anchor Phraseso REFERRING DOMAINS Certified Nursing ASsistant Certification in 227 Maine Certified Nursing Assistant Certification in wyoming 112 Google Certified Nursing Assistant Classes in Ilinois pemand ar Certifled Nursing Assistant Classes in Virginia economica ee Certifled Nursing Assistant Florida Certified Nursing ASSistant Hawai how to writea pers Certifled Nursing Assistant in Idaho Certified Nursing Assistant in lowa 47/ 2N Certified Nursing Assistant in Montana Certified Nursing Assistant in Nevada GOOGLE PIRATE (2012) Certified Nursing Assistant in Utah Google Certifed Nursing Assistant Maryland Training Courses This filter is designed to prevent sites with copyright infringement reports, as filed system, from ranking well in Google's listings. The filter is periodically updated. Certifed Nursing Assistant North Carolina Certified Nursing Assistant Training & rough Go DMCA Certification in North Dakota URLS Requested to be Removed Per Week GOOGLE TOP HEAVY (2012) This update targets sites that are 'top heavy' with advertising and penalises their rankings. 600,000 450,000 FREE at Ran 209 300,000 Google Drive for Work Freg trial LAZADA 150,000 HOT 5/30/11 4/2/12 2/4/13 12/9/13 lipodress lamido O SEE MORE GOOGLE PAYDAY (2013) This new algorithm was targeted at cleaning up search results for heavily spammed search terms such as payday loans, insurance, pornography, Viagra and other heavily spammed queries. GOOGLE HUMMINGBIRD (2013) Hummingbird algorithm looks at search meanings, not individual words. The goal is that pages matching the meaning of the search will do better, rather than pages matching just a few words. 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O First floor, 168 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands WA 6009 online Isolutions web design - app development - software development Brought to you by the Sushi Digital Team in Perth, Australia. To find out more about how Sushi can help you optimise your website or maximise your search rankings, contact us on [email protected] or phone 1300 301 988.

What are Google algorithms and why do they matter?

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Businesses know that to be successful they must receive the best possible share of Google searches directed to their website. The more successful a business is with its online presence, the higher it ...


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