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What’s Cooking: Everything You Need to Know About Your Oven

What's Cooking: EVERYTHING YOU NEED to know about your OVEN O HOW TO MAKE YOUR OVEN WORK DOUBLE DUTY COOKING TEMPERATURES CAN BE ADJUSTED TO ACCOMMODATE DIFFERENT FOODS 250 50 200 100 150 Temperatures can be adjusted +/- 25°F without significantly changing how the oven cooks. For example: A bread that is cooked at 450°F and beets cooked at 425°F could be cooked together at 450°F. (Just keep a close eye on the lower temperature food.) WHEN FOODS DON'T HAVE SIMILAR COOKING TEMPERATURES 250 50 200 00 Start with the Turn temperature down for lower-heat Highest cooking temperature first. items. GREEN CLEANING: HOW TO CLEAN YOUR OVEN NATURALLY AVOID SELF-CLEANING FEATURE ON OVEN Most heating elements are hidden behind drip shields, making it difficult to ventilate when interior temperatures get high during self-cleaning, causing: Popped fuses Burnt-out electronic components HOW TO CLEAN AN ELECTRIC OVEN BY HAND WHAT YOU NEED BAKING SODA Damp dish cloth Baking soda Water Rubber gloves Plastic or silicone spatula White Spray bottle vinegar INSTRUCTIONS STEP 1 Remove the oven racks. STEP 2 Make a baking soda paste. • Mix a 1/2 cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water. BAKING SODA • Adjust the ratio of both as needed to create spreadable paste. STEP 3 STEP 4 Coat oven. Let sit overnight. Spread paste all over the interior surfaces of oven. • Allow the baking soda mixture to rest for at least 12 hours, or overnight. • Avoid putting paste on heating elements. • Baking soda will turn a brownish color as you rub it in. STEP 5 Clean oven racks. STEP 6 Wipe out oven. • After 12 hours or overnight, use a damp dish cloth to wipe out dried baking soda paste. • Use a plastic or silicone spatula to help scrape residue. STEP 7 STEP 8 ОФ Spray vinegar. Do a final wipe down. • Put a little vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz where there is still baking soda residue. • With a damp cloth, wipe out the remaining foamy vinegar-baking soda mixture. Repeat until residue is gone. • Vinegar will react with baking soda and gently foam. • Add more water or vinegar to your cloth as needed. STEP 5 ОФ Replace oven racks. HOW TO CLEAN A GAS OVEN BY HAND WHAT YOU NEED BAKING SODA Dishwashing liquid 2 Tbsp Borax or Ammonia Hot water baking soda 2 tsp 14 cup 12 cup DIRECTIONS STEP 1 STEP 2 RAKING SCOA Mix the ingredients. Wipe with a damp sponge. • Mix all ingredients together. • Use nylon scrubber for tough spills. Apply to the interior of the oven and let soak for a minimum of 30 minutes. STEP 3 STEP 4 Remove bottom panel. Test and clean the gas burner. • The bottom of a gas oven • Turn it on with the bottom requires the most cleaning. panel off. • Remove it by lifting it out or by removing screws that hold it in place. • If the flame isn't continuous along both sides of the burner, its holes are clogged. • Turn off the oven control and insert a wire into the clogged holes. STEP 5 STEP 6 After cleaning gas burner, test again. Return bottom panel to oven. OVEN TIPS AND TRICKS DON'T OPEN THE DOOR Each time you open the door, 20 degrees Fahrenheit are lost. KEEP THE DOOR SEAL CLEAN A leaky seal wastes energy and makes the kitchen warmer. USE GLASS • Glass and ceramic baking dishes cook more efficiently than metal. • You can cook food 25 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in a glass pan. TURN IT OFF • Turn oven off before food is done. ФО • The heat inside oven will finish the cooking. • Skip this tip if baking or cooking a heat-sensitive food. CALIBRATE YOUR OVEN • Use a thermometer to test the temperature. • If the oven's temperature gauge is off, power and money can be wasted. Caring for your oven and using it efficiently can help increase its lifespan. Give your oven some extra attention and adopt some of these tips. • • • Brought to you by: In Partnership with: CReplacementParts .com GHERGICH&Co. い ||

What’s Cooking: Everything You Need to Know About Your Oven

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