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Whale Watching in San Diego

San Diego WHALE WATCHING IN AMERICA'S FINEST CITY Looking for a vacation experience unlike any destination in America? Look no farther, than beautiful San Diego, California. Witness one of nature's greatest moments, the annual migration of the gray whale as they head south to seek warmer waters. The gray whale is one of the largest mammals on the planet, so don't miss out on your chance to see these incredible creatures in the wild. each year 26,000 Baby whales are born tail first gray whales migrate south to give birth start Within the first (30 Minutes baby whales learn how to swim each year whales travel 12,000 DEC APR miles from the Arctic Sea to the Baja and back peak viewing period in up to San Diego 200 whales per day swim off the coast PLANKTON KRILL at peak season Gray whales have the SHRIMP SQUID MOLLUSKS finish -longest migration of any mammal Gray whales are bottom feeders 3 to 5 minutes 300 to 400 yards E45 secondsH DIVE 100 feet SHOOT WATER THE LIFE OF A GRAY WHALE - Growth of a gray whale over time Oceanic predator Land predator |15 feet 50 feet 32 feet- 5.75 feet 1,100 Ibs 35 tons 6 tons 195 Ibs 50-70 year lifespan Threats include; pollution, climate change & shipping noise Sources http:/ http:/www.cdc.cowhchsfastats/bodymeashtm http:/anlmals.rankorg/pages/3174/Gray-Whalo-Eschrichtiidae-DIEThtml http://www.oregon.gowoprd/parks/whalowatchingcenter.Pagesfacts.aspx http://swfsc.noaa.govhaxiblock.aspx?DMslon=PRDSParentMenuld=211&id=16453 Marriott, Gray Whale Habits Diet NEWBORN. SWIMMING PATTERN ADULT ORCA HUMANS

Whale Watching in San Diego

shared by Lemonly on Feb 18
Whale watching in San Diego is a vacation experience unlike any other destination in America. We got to work with Marriott on visualizing the annual migration of the gray whales, who have the longest ...





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