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The Value of A Liberal Arts Education

Do you know the VALUE of a LIBERAL ARTS DEGREE? Take a look and learn the true value of the liberal arts in today's fast-paced job market. The skills you learn and the knowledge you gain can make you an excellent candidate for a wide variety of real-world careers. Oral and Written –°–ĺmmunication Flexibility Research Global Awareness in-demand Creativity SKILLS Analysis Problem-solving Critical Thinking Leadership Now you'll have an answer when "What can you you are asked the age-old question, do with a liberal arts degree?" ENGLISH COMMUNICATION HISTORY RELIGIOUS PSYCHOLOGY STUDIES SEO CONTENT BRAND PARALEGAL YOUTH CASE WRITER MANAGER OUTREACH MANAGER COORDINATOR Field: Marketing SALARY: $42,869 Field: Marketing, Advertising SALARY: $72,899 Field: Ministry SALARY: $34,158 Field: Psychology, Social Services SALARY: $32,622 Field: Law SALARY: $44,291 Coordinates parish pastoral ministry for youth, including communication, Creates content Provides Monitors market trends and oversees Creates documents, for websites and optimizes it for search engines. comprehensive assessment and implementation of patient treatment needs. organizes research and assists advertising efforts to ensure proper brand messaging. lawyers in preparing for court. events and study. COPYWRITER PR ARCHIVIST HUMAN MENTAL SPECIALIST SERVICES HEALTH SPECIALIST TECHNICIAN Field: Marketing, Advertising SALARY: $45,308 Field: Ministry, Field: Psychology, Healthcare SALARY: $27,440 Field: Public Relations Field: History SALARY: $43,992 SALARY: $44,894 Human Services SALARY: $42,690 Creates and transforms ideas into words for marketing collateral and advertisements. Organizes activities and services in Cares for people who are mentally ill and developmentally disabled, under the supervision of other mental health Plans initiatives Acquires, manages and maintains designed to enrich a company's position in the public eye. materials that have historical significance for individuals, organizations or governments. community centers and clinics, developing initiatives and assessing client needs. professionals. EMAIL MEDIA TEACHER HOSPITAL PAROLE MARKETING EDITOR SECONDARY, CHAPLAIN OFFICER SPECIALIST WITH LICENSURE Field: Marketing SALARY: $49,726 Field: Journalism, Advertising SALARY: $43,945 Field: Education, History SALARY: $45,609 Field: Criminal Justice SALARY: $40,088 Field: Ministry, Healthcare SALARY: $45,229 Manipulates and edits media, including video and photos, for required specifications. Creates email Monitors recently released criminal marketing campaigns to promote a product or service through determining target audience. Instructs students about national, state, local and global history. Offers ministry and spiritual guidance to patients, family offenders to ensure that they are following the conditions of release. members and caregivers within the hospital setting. ENGLISH on writing, speaking, analysis, research and problem solving. Students will learn to communicate more effectively, to relate to others more fully and to with the world more deeply. Emphasis engage COMMUNICATION Combines the study of writing, presentation, critical thinking and public speaking skills and the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate effectively. HISTORY Combines the study of Western history, non-Western history and historical research, as well as satisfying teaching licensure requirements. RELIGIOUS STUDIES Emphasis on developing knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith, combining the study of Christianity in the 21st century with the study of religion. PSYCHOLOGY Emphasis on the foundations of psychology and its applications in the study of sociocultural diversity and mental health behaviors. WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT LIBERAL ARTS DEGREES? UKING The online arts and sciences programs at King University are the ideal foundation for careers like those featured above. UNIVERSITY ESTABLISHED IN 1867 Learn more by visiting Source: & www.bls.govlooh/

The Value of A Liberal Arts Education

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While the liberal arts span diverse fields of study, so do the post-graduation career options.


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