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Vaccinating Your Horse

VACCINATING YOUR HORSE AN INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY the HORSE WHY DO I NEED TO VACCINATE MY HORSE? HOW DO VACCINATIONS WORK? Antigens in vaccines stimulate the horse's immune system to produce protective antibodies that fight particular pathogens in the event of disease exposure. Antibodies Antigen To minimize his or her risk of contracting a potentially life-threatening infectious disease WHICH DISEASES D0 I NEED TO Nearly all horses should receive the VACCINATE MY HORSE AGAINST? vaccines that AAEP considers core: TETANUS EASTERN/WESTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS once annually after an once annually after an initial two-dose series initial two-dose series WEST NILE VIRUS RABIES once annually after an initial two-dose series once annually Horses in mosquito-heavy areas might need twice-yearly WNV and EEE/WEE vaccinations. Horses might require risk-based vaccines depending on the region, population, and exposure risk: ANTHRAX BOTULISM once annually for horses living in regions where some once annually for pregnant mares in Kentucky and the Mid-Atlantic states and for horses consuming haylage or round bales pastures have alkaline soil EQUINE HERPESVIRUS-1 AND -4 every 6 months for pregnant mares and other horses on breeding farms, horses younger than 5, performance horses, and transient horses (those that travel frequently or will stay at your farm for a short time) EQUINE VIRAL INFLUENZA every 6-12 months for horses younger ARTERITIS annually for all stallions and than 5 and transient horses breeding stock that have tested seronegative POTOMAC HORSE FEVER every 6-12 months where the disease is prevalent ROTAVIRUS SNAKEBITE every 6 months in regions Months 8, 9, and 10 of gestation with Western Diamondback rattlesnakes STRANGLES every 6-12 months on farms where it's endemic PREGNANT MARES, FOALS, AND SOME SENIOR HORSES MIGHT REQUIRE DIFFERENT VACCINE PROTOCOLS. WORK WITH YOUR VETERINARIAN TO CUSTOMIZE A VACCINATION PLAN FOR YOUR HORSE. SPONSORED BY: the HORSE NEOGEN CORPORATION

Vaccinating Your Horse

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Vaccines can protect your horse from a wide range of threats, including snakebites, botulism, influenza, and much more. Learn how vaccines work, why they're important, and which ones your horse needs ...






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