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UNNATURAL DISASTER AHEAD Status is currently being reassessed to determine whether it should be changed to "critically endangered". Endangered YANGTZE RIVER FINLESS PORPOISE Also known as the "river pig' INTERESTING FACTS 1,000 5to 7.3% THAN Rate of annual population decline. Like the baji dolphin, the porpoise population found in the Yangtze River is rapidly declining. The same factors that drove the baiji to extinetion are leading to prema- ture deaths of the unique subspecies. 25 mililon CHARACTERISTICS Number of years the porpoise has lived in the Yangtze River. CAUSES OF DEATHS WATER DEVELOPMENT Dredging, dams and bridges that exist in the tributaries have fragmented and isolated the population's habitat, including the Gezhouba and Three Gorges dams, and about 1.300 smaller dams. 10 Dark blue/grey to pale grey upper side, contrasting with a lighter grey underside. Has a ridge sprinkled with horny tubercles that possibly serve as sensory organs. Number of years estimated before the subspecies becomes extinct. CHEMICALS A 2008 study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) found that many finless porpoises were dying from exposure to mercury. insecticides, manmade chemicals and other polutants. The river is also heavily polluted by sewage and industrial runotf. It was listed as World's Top 10 Rivers at Risk by the WWF in 2007. Fermale carries its calf an its back Slander body (for a porpoise) million Number of people living in the Yangtze River Basin, which is 1 out of 17 people on Earth. Rounded head, FISHING, BOTH LEGAL AND ILLEGAL Electrofishing discharges a lethal electric current into the water, killing everything within 20 meters around the boat. This destructive fishing method is widespread Very small beak. RANGE VESSEL STRIKESS The animals are often hit by vessels. The Yangtze finless porpoise live6 exclusively in the Yangtze River and its connecting Poyang and Dongting lakes. The bajl also shared the Yangtze and had very similar distribuition areas. Nanjing Yangtao River BAIJI Shanghal EX Hangzhou DECLARED FUNCTIONALLY EXTINCT IN 2007 It's the first dolphin species to be totally wiped off the planet because of human activity in 25 million years. Extinct CHINA Lake Dongting Lake Poyang 1980 - A 2-year-old male ba 1986 - Research 1993 - is saved and named "Qiqi". finds fewer than Scientists wam 300 baji in the Yangtze and adjacent lakes. 1997 to 1999 - Three 2006 - A six-week 2007 - The large-scale investiga- international tions organized by the search through Ministry of Agricul- ture respectively find finds no baji. only 13, 4 and 4 baji. balji are declared EXTINCT. the number of baji is fewer than 100, 1980s - The estimated the Yangtze River number of bajvdeclines to 400. 1950s Scientists believe the number of baji was at least more than 5,000. 2012 2002 L 1950 1960 1970 1973 1980 1985 1990 2000 2010 2002 - Qigi, the last known living baji. dies at 23 years old. THE "NEW" MOST ENDANGERED CETAÇEAN IN THE WORLD RANGE VAQUITA 150 to 240 Are estimated to remain in the wild. Black dots depict fishing boats during the 2008-2009 shrimp season. White dots are vaquita sightings during the period. (Also known as the "little cow") Mexico's only endemic marine mammal is the world's smallest and most endangered cetacean. It Iives only in the northermend of the Gulf of Califomia. CR Golfo de Santa Clara MEXICO •The decline in its population is a result of incidental mortality trom ishing gear. current reserve Puerto Peñasco Critically endangered The current annual mortalities are estimated at about 39 vaquitas per year. •CIRVA, an intemational group trying to save the vaguita, believes that if the continuing decline is not halted within five years, the species may go extinct. San Felipe Apeculiar characteristic of the vaquita is its dark eyes and the permanent smile on its mouth. proposed resere its biggest threat is gill nets. QUILLERMO MUNRO/ CHINA DAILY Saron: LCN, WW F, ARKe. CRWA, VT wOUITA, NOOM, EDGE OF EUSTENCE, IWC, Whales and loiphins Conserution Socety, Savethewtulenorg, Cetonresnarch org. WLAD


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I was doing this graphic for the MEMUCO PUBLIC BROADCAST SYSTEM, but we had in the News that 12 of the Finless porpoises where found dead in less than 2 months, that raised a flag for me and I wrote t...


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