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Understanding Your Pet’s Aging Process

UNDERSTANDING YOUR PET'S AGING PROCESS DEALING WITH AGING IN YOUR DOG EYES: SOME GRAYING IS NORMAL Nuclear sclerosis: Normal, age-related clouding of the lens Cataracts: Serious lens clouding that can cause blindness Glaucoma: Can cause pain and blindness if not caught early and treated EARS: MAY OCCUR JOINTS: COMMON HEARING LOSS ARTHRITIS IS Your dog may not hear you come home Being overweight increases arthritis pain You can sneak up on your sleeping dog Ramps and soft beds can relieve discomfort KIDNEYS: UNCTION DECLINES Your dog may urinate and drink more, and become incontinent If nothing else happens as your pet gets older, the kidneys will be the “weak link" of the major organs COAT: GRAY HAIR AROUND THE . MUZZLE AND EYES WHOLE BODY ISSUES: SANCER AND Grooming your dog more often will make them more comfortable SYSTEMIC DISEASES Tumors and cancers are Be careful-the skin becomes more vulnerable to injury common as pets get older Diabetes and other metabolic problems, as well as cognitive problems, are also possible COPING WITH THE AGING OF YOUR CAT EYES: SOME GRAYING IS NORMAL Nuclear sclerosis and cataracts are both possible Only cataracts may require treatment JOINTS: POSSIBLE GRADUAL HEARING EARS: 1OSS MAY OCCUR ARTHRITIS IS The elbow joint is most often affected Your cat may stop responding to your calls Look for hesitancy to jump or use stairs He or she will adapt by responding to vibrations and scents KIDNEYS: DETERIORATE FROM AGE AND OTHER CONDITIONS Kidney function will decline with age Cats with diabetes are more prone to kidney problems COAT: GRAY HAIRS SHEDDING AND Older cats shed more and the hair may become thinner Gray/white hair is common, especially in dark-colored cats WHOLE BODY CANCER AND ISSUES: SYSTEMIC DISEASES Lymphosarcoma and oral squamous carcinomas are common Diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and liver disease are also possible INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: Lincoln Avenue Veterinary * * Clinic LINCOLN AVENUE VETERINARY CLINIC www.SILICONVALLEYANIMALVET.COM Sources:

Understanding Your Pet’s Aging Process

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Dogs are known for their great hearing, but hearing loss often occurs as dogs get older! Is your dog starting to lose his hearing? Find common symptoms by setting your sights on this infographic from ...


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