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Understanding Anxiety in Your Dog

UNDERSTANDING ANXIETY IN YOUR DOG SIGNS OF ANXIETY IN DOGS EXCESS ENERGY AND POTENTIALLY AGGRESSION ATTEMPTS AT ESCAPING, EITHER PASSIVELY OR ACTIVELY BARKING OR HOWLING BEYOND THE ORDINARY SHAKING, HIDING, LICKING OR BITING AT HIMSELF TUCKING THE TAIL WHAT CAUSES ANXIETY? Sickness or pain can make your dog more prone to fear and anxiety Changes in the central nervous system due to aging or disease Past experiences that were negative or caused fear and anxiety A lack of socialization in the first few months of life Having multiple owners or having been abandoned or neglected HELPING YOUR DOG WITH ANXIETY PRACTICE SEPARATION 8:00 If your dog has separation anxiety, let him adjust to small periods of you being away Increase the time you're away as your pet adjusts OCCUPY YOUR DOG Give your dog something to do while you are away Fill a toy with treats, or provide a chew toy that won't be unsafe if destroyed STAY CALM Your dog responds to the cues you give him Do not make leaving or coming home a big deal-be calm and speak in a normal voice PRIORITIZE EXERCISE Your dog will be less likely to exhibit anxious behaviors if he gets regular exercise Take him for a walk before you leave the house to reduce anxiety CONSIDER DOG DAYCARE DAYCARE If your dog likes socializing, consider taking him to dog daycare ENTRANCE Your dog will be having fun and using up excess energy while you're away ASK ABOUT MEDICATIONS Anxiety could be due to a hormonal or thyroid imbalance, necessitating medication Ask your vet about this, and about anti-anxiety medications PROVIDED BY: R REED animaL HOSPITAL www.REEDANIMALHOSPITAL.COM Sources:

Understanding Anxiety in Your Dog

shared by BrittSE on Dec 06
A dog’s anxiety can become even worse if he is feeling pain or sickness, and this is especially important if your companion is getting older! View this infographic on dogs and anxiety.


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