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Top Ten Cutest Animals based on Social Media Likes

TOP TEN CUTEST ANIMALS BASED ON SOCIAL MEDIA LIKES Meme's are like the comic shorts of the digital-era. They entertain, inspire, and in this case, are ridiculously cute. Here are the top ten cutest animal memes, brought to you by Find Mi, timed a puzzle-style seek-and-find game featuring adorable animals, available for your iPhone. FIND 5. Longcat ? Longcat is one of the most notable cats on the web. He's known for his exceptional length, which spawned Photoshop parodies and an entire mythology around his magnitude. Launch Date: February 2nd, 2006 f 10.000 Facebook likes 6. Dubstep Cat ? Dupstep Cat is a male Siamese cat from Russia who is known for starring in the dupstep dance video called "Stereo Skifcha", with his signature white paper glasses 4. IKEA Monkey 2 IKEA Monkey is the nickname given to a Japanese Snow Macaque named Darwin that was found loose wearing a fluffy coat at a Canadian IKEA store. Launch Date: December 2012 6,000 Followers on Twitter and mustache. A Launch Date: May 23rd,2011 You Tube 1.2 Million views on Youtube 7.Nyan Cat ? Nyan Cat, also known as Pop Tart Cat, is an 8-bit animation of a cat with the body of a cherry pop tart flying through outer space. S Launch Date: April 2nd, 2011 t 3,000 initial notes on Tumblr 3."Yes, This Is Dog" 2 "Yes, this is Dog" is an image featuring a black Labrador depicting the caption "Hello, this is Dog", with a human holding a telephone next to his face. Launch Date: October 2nd, 2011 O 20,000 Votes on Reddit 8. Boo ? Boo, who is rightfully nick-named "The Cutest Dog in the World", was born in 2006, and when her owner began posting photos of Boo on various social networking sites, she soon grew very rapidly in popularity. Launch Date: 2006 f 7 Million likes on Facebook 2. Lil Bub ? LiI Bub, dubbed "Nature's Happy Accident, is an adorable female cat born with several genetic mutations causing dwarfism, has caused her to appear as a "perma-kitten". A Launch Date: November 8th 2011 f 40,000 Facebook likes 9. Lawyer Dog ? Lawyer Dog, a fluffy Corgi dressed in office attire, with captions that typically mesh legalese with canine-related puns. Launch Date: February 25th, 2011 t 1,255 initial notes on Tumblr 1. Grumpy Cat ? Grumpy Cat, a nick-name given to an angry-looking showshoe cat that grew rapidly in popularity ater its' photos were featured on Reddit. A Launch date: September 2012 O1 Million votes on Reddit 10. Bad Joke Eel ? Bad Joke Eel, a close-up photo of a Moray eel paired with various captions of corny puns and jokes. A Launch Date: January 12th 2012 O 400,000 views on Reddit It's hard to resist a fluffy kitten, or puppy-dog-eyes paired with a cute quote or clever pun; these inspirational animals pull millions of heartstrings a day! This tenacious top ten is brought to you by Find Mi, now available in the iTunes store.

Top Ten Cutest Animals based on Social Media Likes

shared by APPSPIRE_me on Jun 19
Check out this uber-cute list of Top 10 cutest meme animals based on social media likes. It includes Dubstep Cat, Grumpy Cat, Lawyer dog and more.


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