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Top 10 Body parts that women Love

Top 10 Male Body Parts that Women Love Тоp 10 Luscious lips Tantalizing tongue Women like full mouths on men not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for those more intimate things we can do with them. If there's one talent that women appreciate immensely, it's a man's ability to use his tongue as though it were a saliva-producing penis with an attitude. Lots of women were quick to point out that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body, but that is highly debatable. Girls love to suck on a man's thick lips until they're swollen and then like to rub ice on them while kissing. Sharply Shaped Shoulders Bulging biceps Big, well-defined biceps don't just signify strength, they also reveal that you're taking good care of your body. And if there's one thing women love, it's a man who takes care of things. Women like it when a man has well-defined, broad shoulders because they're a sign of strength and masculinity. They love when a man moves shoulders and are able to see the (flex) definition. Touching shoulders excites women immeasurably. Awesome abs Chiselled chest It's absolutely no surprise that women love that washboard stomach. The ripples are the epitome of what a man is defined by. Some women didn't necessarily require rock hard abs, but a flat stomach was important just the same. "No woman wants to have sex with a man who has to physically lift his belly in order to put it in." All men love a nice pair of breasts – real or fake. As long as they look good, we're not complaining. Well, women have the same requirements (minus that whole fake thing though). Buff butt Hygienic hands Some women love those "half-moon" butts, while some love the "slightly curvaceous" ones. "It's usually the athletic guys that have the nicest butts... A woman stated that she loves sucking on a man's fingers and mimicking fellatio. So keep those hands in tiptop shape; you never who might want to wrap their mouth around those fingers. Primped penis Ah finally, the favourite of all PENIS. Women don't specify that size matters, but they did say that they required a "good size." Yeah, good and plenty... But more importantly, a lot of women mentioned that a properly groomed groin area was very important. Honed hips Whereas in this day and age, the smaller a woman's hips the better, surprisingly enough, women also like holding on to our hips when having sex. They love the fact that our hips are narrow. I think they're just jealous. The top ten male body parts that women love sinking their teeth into, except Penis, of course. sources:

Top 10 Body parts that women Love

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Check out what are the top 10 parts of men's body that women love the most.


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