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Tips to repel bees naturallys

OFACTS.ORG OF HONEY BEES OFACTS.RG OF C BUMBLE BEES OFACTS.ORG OFACTS . QEACTSRG Vinegar : mix with water and spray around the hive , on flowers Place speakers or a large wind chime near their nests . Fill up any holes and cracks in wood surfaces OFA Fake wasp nest GROUND OFAR - Turn on pool jet to deter bees from pools . - Hang dryer sheets in affected areas . - Call a professional RG OFACTS HOW TO REPEL BEES NATURALLY Varnish or paint your wood , try synthetic materials like vinyl , Trex , or HardiePlank VINEGAR Plants that bees hate : mint , cloves , pennyroyal , marigolds , cucumber peels , etc Garlic : sprinkle garlic powder or spray garlic mixture on bee hive , flowers , etc Essential oil : citrus , lavender , eucalyptus , peppermint CTS . Citronella candles : put them close to the bee hive Use almond or citrus oil Planting citrus or citrus scented herbs CARPENTER BEES OFACOFACT 20000 Offer carpenter bees a house - Water your lawn to make it hard for bees to burrow - Plant vegetation Fill the holes on the ground with sand , or put heavy materials on the holes - Use natural scents : cinnamon , garlic , coffee , cucumber peels , etc BEES -Let them be if you don't have a serious infestation Copyright © 2022 Ofacts

Tips to repel bees naturallys

shared by ofacts on Jan 21
Some tips to help repel bees from your property include using bee-repelling plants, using bee-safe products, installing protective screens on windows and doors, and creating bee-detering mixture aroun...


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