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Tigers, Forests & People

Tigers, Forests & People WWF Tigers thrive in healthy ecosystems. The ecosystems that support this top predator also produce clean water and clear air - elements vital to our human health. WWF works in 12 landscapes across the wild tigers range that contain thousands of productive ecosystems. The tiger is a symbol of ecosystem health across Asia. Ensuring tigers thrive, via the ecosystems that connect us, will ensure our own species survival. 1 Amur - Heilong 2 Banjaran Titiwangsa 3 Central Sumatra 4 Dawna Tennaserim 5 Forests of the Lower Mekong 6 Greater Manas 7 Kaziranga Karbi - Anglong 8 Satpuda Maikal 9 South Sumatra 10 Sundarbans 11 Terai Arc 12 Western Ghats - Nilgiris 11 12 4 6. 10 12 HEALTHY ECOSYSTEMS Clean water Productive habitat Healthy ecosystems have complex mechanisms that filter and replenish freshwater resources. Freshwater access Healthy ecosystems have productive habitats which tiger prey species depend on. Habitats with high amounts of nutritious, consumable vegetation support high densities of prey species. is a significant global development issue as currently over 1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Clear air Solid prey-base Healthy ecosystems also recycle CO2 and produce air clear of pollutants. This is critical to counter the effects of urban outdoor air pollution, a major environmental health risk responsible for 1.3 million deaths worldwide/year. A productive habitat creates a solid prey-base which tigers depend on. Studies have shown there is a positive relationship between prey density and tiger abundance, i.e. more prey often equals more tigers. Humans are the most successful species on the planet, but we depend on clean water, clear air and a stable global environment to have safe and healthy homes. Thriving us Thriving tiger Tigers are a generalist species, capable of living in many types of ecosystems. But they are conservation- dependant, relying on a good prey-base, quality habitat and the space to roam. JIt. ШШ П

Tigers, Forests & People

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Designed for WWF Singapore's campaign on how tigers, forests, and people are connected. This graphic shows how the same healthy ecosystems that benefit tigers also have a direct impact on human quali...


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