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Things You Never Knew About Sharks

kinda you CAUSE WE ALL GREW UP LEARNING SHARKS but THAT'S WHEN WE WERE KIDS and KIDS DONT KNOW ANYTHING. ABOUT Shark FACTS Stellm Man's Everyone is getting into shark week. knew about but NOT really, RESOR T CLUB Long Island, Bahamas Worlds Longest Shark recorded Whale Shark Rhincodon typus 41ft =12m =8 =4 1960 VW Beetles Pro Basketball Players V:S! Hg Shark Fin Soup How Sharks Float Weird Things Instead of a swim bladder filled with Don't eat it – it's toxic. Many sharks contain high levels of mercury, and so does the soup. Weird things that have been found in shark stomachs include shoes, chairs, the rear half of a horse, a box of nails, a torpedo, drums, and bottles of wine. gas like most fish have to help them float, sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage which is lighter than bones, and light oil in their livers. Some sharks must constantly swim in order to receive oxygen. more/shark-fin-soup-is-not-healthy.html sharks.html arks.htm Fastest Shark Worlds Mako Isurus paucus 60mph Cheetah Speeds Highway Speeds Michael Phelps Not even close. 20 Highest Jump by a Shark The world's highest jump by a shark (Yes, it jumps õut of the water): The Thresher Shark can jump 20 feet out of the water. (Quite an impressive achieve- ment, The world record in high 8ft 16 inches jump for men is 8,16 feet.) Interesting Facts More people are killed every year by bee stings, lightening or soda machines fall- ing on them than by sharks. Sharks attack more men than women. The Bull Shark can live in fresh water or Mega-tooth: sea water. the biggest and the baddest, Megalodon, whose name literally means 'giant tooth", had triangular, serrated teeth up to 7 inches long. Sharks can hear a fish swimming over one mile away, and can smell one drop of blood in a million drops of water. facts.html Scissor-tooth: Sharks of the genus Edestus had jaws like giant pinking shears. Their long ser- rated tooth batteries could have cut other fish in two. Scissor-toothed sharks lived 325 to 280 million years ago. 7inches Cookie Cutter: The strange little Cookiecutter Shark was named because it takes round, cookie- shaped bites out of larger fish, dolphins, and whales. It has even been known to bite chunks of rubber from the hulls of submarines!

Things You Never Knew About Sharks

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This infographic was created with help from the shark diving experts at Stella Maris Resort in the Bahamas, who pioneered shark diving for thrill-seeking tourists in the mid 1970s. We think it will be...


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