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Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy

THINGS TO KNOW before getting a puppy About a month ago, I invested in a 9-week-old German Shepherd puppy named Hans. I knew having a puppy was going to be difficult, but was unsure exactly what was ahead. Here is a list of what Hans has taught me the past month in order to give you potential puppy owners an idea of what lay ahead. Consider yourself warned. HE PEES. A LOT. HE WAKES ME UP. POTTY TRAINING is a magical thing. But puppies SPEAKING OF needing to pee... that happens at need to pee about every half hour, or even more night, too. At all hours. Hans has had many lam or frequently than that. Even better, they don't 3am wake-up howls and accidents. Crate training quite have bladder control until they are around helps a lot, but there's a breaking-in period. Hans 4-6 months old. So goodbye decorative rugs, graced me with three nights of endless howling it was nice knowing you! as he got used to his new bed. I. Am. So. Tired. HE BITES EVERYTHING. HE EATS A LOT. PUPPIES BITE EVERYTHING. This is largely TIME TO OPEN THE OLD WALLET and pay for lots because they are teething. Baby teeth usually of puppy food. Puppies are growing, so they usually come in around 2-3 weeks. And, once you think need to be fed about 3-4 times a day. Hans often it's over, the adult teeth roll in at around 4-7 eats whatever he finds on the ground as well, so l months. Arms and hands covered in scratches watch him closely. On top of this, he drinks ample have become the norm. amounts of water, which, sadly, means more pee. HE STAYS AT HOME. HE IGNORES ME. TEACHING PUPPIES commands is a challenge, as PUPPIES NEED vaccinations, which takes about they do not understand what is being said. It can be three trips to the vets office. During this time, you frustrating when Hans doesn't listen, but it is simply have to be careful about taking puppies out, as they because he does not know what to do. Lots of treats are susceptible to disease. This means a lot of time and pets when he does something good is key. Also, cooped up at home until Hans is about 16 weeks puppy training classes are awesome. of age. oof. HE HAS ENERGY. HE NEEDS SOCIALIZATION. PUPPIES HAVE LOTS of energy. But, until vacci- I HAVE AN ADULT CORGI who prefers to do his nations are done, they can't go out for extended own thing and not play with other dogs. This creates periods of time. Plus, too much exercise stresses endless frustration for Hans (which results in endless the puppy's growing joints. The end result of all barking), who is still learning the rights and wrongs of this is a crazy amount of puppy energy, where play. Adult dogs play differently than puppies, so it's they tear at walls, bite at feet, and generally cre- great to schedule play time with other puppies and ate chaos. Hans must be watched at all times, get proper socialization started. lest he burn the house down. Puppies are a lot of work. As long as you have time, patience (VERY important), and are okay with losing a shoe or two, then maybe a puppy is right for you. Hans will grow up to be a great dog, but for now he has a lot of learning to do. For more info, talk to a trainer about what it takes to raise a pup. Good luck! Written and designed by: Kyla Tom Sources:,,,

Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy

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