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Target Pests in Your Area

TARGET PESTS IN YOUR AREA Spring is here, and pests may begin invading your home – if they haven't already! Pinpoint pests that impact your area, their hot spots around your home and how to keep them in their place – Young ants reach adulthood in an average of Mosquitoes only need a SMALL AMOUNT 24 DAYS. OF WATER to reproduce and survive. Clean up spilled food and drinks right away, rinse cans before recycling them and store food in tightly Spray an EPA-registered insect repellent on exposed skin before going outside. outside. closed containers. Cockroaches Mosquitoes are found in areas with standing water, like gutters, ponds or plant pots. can SURVIVE WITHOUT FOOD FOR TWO MONTHS These ants nest outdoors and indoors, often under stones or behind boards and walls. Termites cause more than and without water $5 BILLION HOUSE ANTS for about a week in structural damage to homes every year. and a half. MOSQUITOES Remove all unnecessary food and water sources in the home, and paper materials like cardboard, which Get rid of moisture and wood cockroaches use as shelter. close to your home, including mulch. Cockroaches are usually found near garbage or other waste, in the kitchen and in cracks and --------. Termite hot spots around the home include tree stumps and roots, mulch and concrete around utility pipes, firewood and wood siding. crevices around the home. 3,000 A female flea can consume up to 15 TIMES Colonies can hold up to worker ants and one queen ant. her body weight in blood daily. Seal all cracks around doors, windows and exterior holes created for electric Perform routine checks on your pets and vacuum regularly. wires or power and telephone lines. TICKS Carpenter ants invade near porch pillars, roofs, windowsills, telephone poles, dead trees and dead parts of living trees. STINK BUGS Match the colors on About Shaded areas and moist soil Stink bugs reproduce quickly, as females can produce more than the outer border of the are ideal conditions 20,000 CASES of LYME DISEASE, wheel to the regional map to learn which pests impact for fleas. 200 EGGS in their lifetime. which can be transmitted by ticks, are reported annually, according to the CDC. your area. Seal all cracks and crevices around your home. Wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants so you can spot ticks while working outdoors. Also repair or replace torn or damaged window screens. To learn more: You can find ticks in wooded or grassy areas, and in shrubbery near your home. Stink bugs hide out in your home during the winter and escape in the spring, often crawling on walls and windows. COCKROACHES ------- --- EPA-REGISTERED FLEAS TERMITES CARPENTER ANTS

Target Pests in Your Area

shared by Angel on Jan 24
The best way to get rid of pesty bugs and rodents is to know which ones live in your area. This handy infographic created by Orkin, is a guide to different types of pests and how to best get rid of th...




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