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Super Furry Animals

Super-Furry Animals WHEN ANIMALS SAVE THE DAY When Todd Endris was surfing DOLPHINS FEND OFF SHARK with some friends, a 15 ft shark attempted to bite him and trapped him between the surfboard and its jaws. EPIC RATING Todd thought he was done for of dolphins came to his rescue and when it came back and tried formed a protective ring around to swallow his right leg, however when it let go a pod AMAZING! him, which enabled him to catch a wave back to safety on the shore. 5 beachballs WILLIE THE PARROT MAMA BABY When Willie's Seeing this, Willie owner Megan shouted "Mama, was babysitting, she left the baby" over and over again and flapped his wings room and the little girl started to choke on which made Megan run back in just in time to her breakfast. save the toddler. Willie was EPIC awarded with the Red Cross RATING chapter's Animal Lifesaver Award, and rightly so! 5 nuts LIFESAVING GORILLA In the Brookfield Zoo, Chicago on August 16 EPIC RATING A female Lowland Gorilla named Binti Jua protected the child from the other gorillas by cuddling him in her arms 1996, a 3 year old boy fell into the Gorilla enclosure and lost consciousness due to the and then carried him 60 feet to the enclosure entrance impact of his fall. 5 bananas and handed him over to the zoo keepers. SCHNAUTZIE THE CAT In April 2010, Schnautzie sat on her owner Trudy's chest and began to tap Luckily, she managed to escape and call for help. Fire fighters told Trudy that the house could have blown up with her inside if it hadn't been for her pet's heroic behaviour – way to go Schnautzie! her nose. When she woke up, she heard the hissing of a gas pipe that had broken outside her bathroom. EPIC RATING 5 fish EPIC ELEPHANT When the tsunami hit the coast of Thailand in 2004, a EPIC RATING courageous elephant heroically saved a little girl's life by taking her uphill to safety, bearing the brunt of the smashing waves and creating a protective wall to keep the 8 year old safe. Her mother is convinced that she wouldn't have survived if it wasn't peanuts SSSSS for this epic elephant. LULU THE PIG When JoAnn Altsman suffered a heart attack and was EPIC RATING struggling to get help, an unlikely hero sprang to the rescue. JOAnn's pot-bellied pig, Lulu, ran out of the house and sprawled herself in the middle of the road to stop traffic. She tirelessly found help and a passer-by managed to get JoAnn to hospital. Who says pigs are lazy? 5 trashcans VALDO, THE MILITARY DOG In the midst of a grenade attack on four American soldiers in Afghanistan, there was a canine hero who put himself on the line. Valdo, a large German Shepard, used his big, muscly frame to shield the soldiers from the impact of shrapnel, caused by the explosion. Valdo shielded the soldiers from the debris, which is the reason why Pfc. Bradley believes he is still alive. EPIC RATING IIIII 5 bones PFC. BRADLEY HAS SINCE ADOPTED VALDO! ROXANE THE GUIDE DOG Roxanne could have saved her Roxanne went on to pull Mauk home by her leash, and wake him up by persistently barking and licking his face and arms. owner's life while out on their evening walk one day. While Mauk is convinced that Roxanne knew things weren't right out, Mauk, a blind diabetes before their walk, when she refused to get into her harness. sufferer, started to feel his blood sugar levels drop and drifted out of consciousness. III EPIC RATING WHO WOULDN'T FEEL SAFE IIIII WITH ROXANNE AROUND? 5 bones All of the stories featured above were so epic, we had to give them all top marks! SO PETS ENRICHING PEOPLE'S LIVES 8 million cats as pets in the UK 8 million dogs as pets in the UK of households of households own at least one dog 23% 19% own at least one cat TYPES OF PET ACROSS THE UK Dogs 8,000,000 Cats 8,000,000 Fish 25,000,000 Rabbits 1,000,000 Birds 1,000,000 Guinea Pigs 1,000,000 Hamsters 500,000 Horses 100,000 Lizards 300,000 Vzr Snakes 200,000 ( Gerbils 100,000 Rats 200,000 BENEFITS OF ALL GOOD REASONS HAVING A PET TO LOOK AFTER YOUR PET.. Pets can help Having a pet is linked to having to lower blood a healthier heart pressure 48% 69% If you own a cat, you're more likely to survive after a If you have pets, you're less likely of dogs of cats to suffer with are uninsured in the UK heart attack allergies Make sure you do all you can to keep them in tip-top conditions; after all, they might save your life! People with pets are thought to have more self-esteem and are more extroverted GET A GREAT DEAL ON YOUR PET INSURANCE WITH TM MoneySupermarket com References

Super Furry Animals

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When humans aren't there to save the day, you can count on other members of the animal kingdom to step up to the plate. We take a look at some of the bravest animals that have saved humans from sticky...


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