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Strange Facts About Cats

Strange Facts About Cats Cats have true fur, cat m in that they have both an undercoat outercoat. 16-18hrs per day. The word 16hrs 18hrs Cats sleep refers to a family of meat-eating animals that include tigers, lions, leopards,& panthers. and an A female cat may have 37 d 7times A cat can jump even Cats respond better to women than to men. kittens every months. as high as it is tall. .......................... A cat can live or more years but the average Many cats cannot properly digest cow's milk. 20 You can tell a cat's mood eyes Milk and milk life span of a domestic cat is 14yrs products give them by looking into its diarrhea. Almost Cats with white fur & skin on their Cats must have 10% o a- fat in their diet because they can't produce it on their own. catt's bones are in its LaI. ears are very prone to sunburn. A cat can spend Cats respond most readily to names that end in an, or more Cats take between 5 hrs a day "ee"sound 20-40 П grooming himself. breaths per minute. Kittens remain with It is estimated that cats can make A queen (female cat) can begin differentver60 mating when she is between 5&9 old. Lover their mothertill the 9 weeks age of sounds. months A tomcat (male cat) can begin mating when he is between The cat has A cat is pregnant for about 500muscles skeletal 58-65 days. 7&10monthe months old, A cat can not see directly under its nose This is why the cat can A cat taken far from Cats have its home can return to it. But if a cat's owners move far from 30 teeth (12 incisors, 10 premolars, 4 canines, and 4 molars) its home, the cat not seem to find tidbits on can't find them. the floor.

Strange Facts About Cats

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Cats are considered playful, loving companions to humans and are well adapted to home life. They are subtle solitary, royal, and independent creatures that show affection on their own terms. It is the...


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