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Stealth Kitteh

STEALTH KITTEH POWER STAT SUMMARY MARKIV Stealthkitteh Audio Surveillance Package (Ears) A cat's ears can independently point backward, sideways and forwards, enabling them to accurately locate their prey up to 3 feet away. Feline Combat Effectiveness Data Tactical Survival Armour 45 (Fur & Body) 50 56 60 Cats make themselves appear more impressive and threatening by raising their fur, arching their backs, and turning sideways, making themselves look bigger. 67 +50 90 72 95 +9060 60 0 67 Optical Reconnaissance Lenses (Eyes) Cat's eyes are able to see up to 6 times better than humans in the dark, enabling them to expertly hunt prey at night. Stabilisation Unit (Tail) A cat's tail averages around 30cm in length and provides a counter balance when walking on narrow surfaces; a useful tool when hunting and chasing prey. Forward Attack Module (Teeth) Teeth adapted to killing small prey, the premolar and first molar together compose the camassial pair on +95 each side of the mouth. Tactile Assessment Sensor +45 (Tongue) +56 CLASSIFIED OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE A cat's tongue is covered in Papillae, small backward hooks that contain Keratin; Domestic cats (Stealth Kittehs) are very effective predators. They can ambush and dispatch prey using tactics similar to those used by their bigger cousins, the infamous leopard and tiger. useful for eating & grooming. They are most active during the evening hours, only need 1/6th the amount of light that humans require and can see up to 120 feet away. Concealed Weaponry (Claws) Propulsion System (Feet & Jumping) Retractable claws give the Stealth Kitteh a handy weapon to use when catching mice and birds, they are also handy for grip when climbing. ADDITIONAL COMBAT INFORMATION Cats can jump up to 7 times their own height; combined with extreme balance and speed this helps when chasing their prey. +72 A) The Mark IV Stealth Kitteh can reach speeds of up to 30 Mph animat Friends B) Their peripheral vision is approximately 285 degrees C) The hind paws on a Stealth Kitteh are non retractable Feel Good Insurance Average Size 23-25 centimetres (9-10 in) H - 46 centimetres ( 18.1 in)

Stealth Kitteh

shared by Animafriends on Oct 16
Domestic cats have become effective predators and possess many combat enhancing attributes. Attached you will find the Stealth-Kitteh Blue Print; which informs, outlines and measures a felines’ batt...


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