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Spotting the Signs of a Pet Emergency

Spotting the Signs of a PET EMERGENCY Respiratory Isues Notice if your pet is panting constantly, even without exercise or when it's not hot Frequent coughing, especially that produces any foamy liquid, can indicate something serious Take note if your animal stretches his head and neck while breathing Injuries Animals can sustain emergency injuries just like humans can An injury to the eyes warrants a trip to the emergency veterinarian Any bleeding that is severe or doesn't slow down is an emergency Poisoning Your pet may accidentally ingest something that is hazardous to his health Antifreeze, rodent poison, medications, and more can be dangerous Keep human foods away from your pets, particularly harmful ones such as: Chocolate Bread dough Artificial sweeteners like Xylitol Avocado pits ANTIFREEZE Grapes and raisins Onions and garlic And more Behavior If your pet is behaving strangely, it could be a sign of a medical issue Watch for seizures, difficulty standing up. and an elevated heart rate Lethargy, apparent paralysis, and dragging the legs can be serious Abnormalities You know your pet best-if you are worried, it's best to call the veterinarian Even acting aloof or clingy could be a sign that your pet is in distress Better to be careful with your pet's health than ignore a potentially serious condition Provided by: VETERINARY EMERGENCY CLINIC OF CENTRAL FLORIDA Sources: asox

Spotting the Signs of a Pet Emergency

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Although a small scratch might not be anything to worry about, severe or profuse bleeding is a sign that you should take your pet to the veterinarian. Learn about other signs of emergency by reading t...


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