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Spiders In Iowa (Infographic)

FALL SPIDERS TO WATCH OUT FOR There Are 40 Different Types of Spiders in lowa 5 MOST COMMON TYPES BLACK AND YELLOW GARDEN SPIDER Typically found outside in fields and gardens. COMMON HOUSE SPIDER Found in houses, sheds, and garages. Typically weave their webs where two edges are adjoined. FISHER SPIDER Do not need to make webs to catch prey, to excellent eye sight. GRASS SPIDER Weave webs in grass. These webs are especially visible in the early morning, covered in dew. WOLF SPIDER Found outside in habitats of tall grass and shrubs. The habitat provides an abundant supply of insects since these spiders do not make webs. 2 MOST DANGEROUS TYPES BLACK WIDOW Found on outdoor objects that have not been used for a long period of time, such as playground equipment or gardening materials. BROWN RECLUSE When they get inside, they are found in clothing or towels left on floors. Preferred Pest Control Home

Spiders In Iowa (Infographic)

shared by preferredpestdsm on Jan 26
There are over 40 spiders found in Iowa. Most of them are harmless, with the exception of a couple. However, many people are often frightened by spiders, unable to determine if the spider is poisonous...



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