Sphynx Cats

SPHYNX CAT INFOGRAPHIC The natural genetic mutation that produces the hairlessness in Sphynx Cats occurs every 25 years or so Sphynx Cats eat 2 to 2.5 times as much as normal cats (to keep body heat up) Sphynxes are a strong robust A Sphynx should be bathed once a week to breed remove natural oils and accumulated dirt If a Sphynx has different coloured eyes then it has the gene for white hair Sphynxes toes are very dexterous and they can manipulate small objects easily Sphynxes can have any colouring that other cats can have Sphynx cats come from Canada not Egypt Sphynx colours and markings are in their skin pigment Sphynxes want to be where you are Sphynx cats love to be warm and will seek out the hottest place in the $4 The average price of a Sphynx cat is $1000 to $1500 house Sphynx cats can get easily sun- burned which is one of the reasons Sphynx cats need their ears cleaned out regularly as they have no ear they should not go outside canal hair Sphynxes are friendly to all humans - so be careful who gets to know The average litter of Sphynx cats is around 4 - 6 kittens them The Sphynx cat is not truly hairless. They are covered in a very fine downy coat and may have longer hair on their nose, toes, tail and ears Sphynx cats have no whiskers Sphynxes will often choose to sleep with you, or on you . Sphynx cats claws develop a brown discharge from their nailbeds that should be cleaned regularly. 80 The average lifespan of a Sphynx IN HUMAN YEARS Cat is between 9 and 15 years Sphynx cat diets should be of best quality meats Sphynxes have no special serious illnesses The oldest pedigree cat in the world was a Sphynx named Pierre Sphynx cats are available in over 50 countries (c) Allison Reynolds 2010

Sphynx Cats

shared by maggie on May 13
Sphynx cats are a unique breed of cat because they don't have any body hair. This natural genetic mutation occurs within cats about every 25 years and causes unique issues. This infographic looks at t...


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