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Simple Steps to Groom Your Pet at Home

SIMPLE STEPS TO GROOM YOUR PET AT HOME A professional groomer may be an expense too far for pet owners, but it is an important way to keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny. Fortunately, DIY pet grooming is possible and it is a simple option for pet owners, unless they intend on entering their pet in a competition! With the right tools, patience and practice, you can make your pet look amazing. Pet grooming controls shedding and can help you identify health problems before it's too late, so follow the quick tips below for an expert grooming session. But first, here are some fascinating statistics about our pets: Did you know that approximately $4.1 BILLION Total pet spending in 2012 was was spent in 2012 on pet grooming and boarding? $53 BILLION in the United States alone. 84% of American households have either dogs or cats. How To Professionally Groom Your Pet Step #1 Assemble Your Tools You need to speak with your vet in order to find out which tools are best for the job of grooming. This will depend on your pet's coat length: short, medium or long and type: wired, curly or smooth, as well as the thickness. Brushes and combs of several varieties will be required. Step #2 Be Gentle & Brush Often By brushing regularly, you are removing dead hair and dirt from your pet's coat, which prevents tangling and matting. Consult with your vet to find out how often you'll need to brush the hair of your pet. Be gentle during the process and use a special brush to deal with tangles and mats, instead of pulling on the hair, as this could be a painful experience for your pet. Step #3 Bathing Get shampoo, towels and treats ready and put your pet in a tub that has a few inches of lukewarm water, though this amount varies depending on the size of your pet. Use a spray nozzle and apply shampoo once your pet's hair is wet and rinse out thoroughly. If your pet resists, place a treat in the tub, slowly apply water and get him used to the experience. Step #4 Trimming Nails: Get your pet a pedicure when he is relaxed and avoid cutting too close to the quick, or else you will hurt him. During this process, check your pet's feet and paws for cracked pads or swelling. This can take a lot of patience and don't try and force the issue, or else you risk being scratched! Step #5 Clean Those Ears Check your pet's ears once a week and wipe out any wax you see with a cotton ball covered in an ear-cleaning solution that has been recommended by the vet. If you see signs of an infection, such as red and swollen ears, take your pet to the vet as soon as possible. Step #6 Dental Care 85% of cats and dogs over 4 years of age have periodontal disease, so brush your pet's teeth regularly to reduce the chances of contracting this ilness. Your pet will hate the toothbrush, so begin with a few seconds at a time and work up to a 30 second brushing with special pet toothpaste. Our furry friends need help to stay clean and healthy, but you don't have to spend an entire afternoon grooming your pet. Local groomers will save you a great deal of time and effort, because all you have to do is drop your hound off and pick him up a couple of hours later, not to mention it's affordable!" Sources: Brought to you by - Scottsdale Pet Hotel - - %24

Simple Steps to Groom Your Pet at Home

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Grooming your pet can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you do it yourself! Here are some tips to help you groom your pet yourself and avoid those expensive groomer fees.


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