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Signs of Entrepreneurial Spirit Infograhic by Jonah Engler

THE BEST CAREERS FOR YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE Did you know that your personality type can determine which career you'll be happy with? You can't deny who you are, but you can find a career that suits your nature. Are you a visionary leader, or a humble helper? A logical analyst or a free-spirited artist? No matter your type, there's an ideal career out there for you. THE FOUR DIMENSIONS OF PERSONALITY TYPE ENERGY STYLE THINKING STYLE Extraverts like working with other people, on teams, and in busy spaces. Sensors like working with concrete things like people, data, and machines. Introverts like working independently or in small groups, in calm, quiet spaces. Intultives like working with abstract things like theories, ideas, and possibilities. 51% 73% INTROVERTS SENSORS N E I 49% 27% EXTRAVERTS INTUITIVES 40% 46% THINKERS PERCEIVERS T F 60% J P 54% FEELERS JUDGERS VALUES STYLE LIFE STYLE Thinkers want work that uses their Judgers like organization and a structured, orderly workplace. intelligence and lets them excel. Feelers want work that reflects their Percelvers like flexibility and freedom,and don't mind a little bit of chaos. values and helps other people. IDEAL JOBS FOR EVERY TYPE PRAGMATISTS Pragmatists love their work when they can use logical systems to produce tangible results. ESTJ ISTJ ESTP ISTP Practical Supervisors Productive Realists Agile Troubleshooters Adaptable Technicians Carpenter Building Contractor Police Detective General Manager Accountant Insurance Agent Office Manager Mechanic Loan Officer Probation Officer Financial Advisor Computer Hardware Engineer School Administrator Logistician Sales Manager Operations Analyst CHEF SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR MILITARY OFFICER POLICE OFFICER CARETAKERS Caretakers love their work when they can do practical things to help other people. ESFJ ISFJ ESFP ISFP Caring Providers Sensible Helpers Outgoing Entertainers Attentive Artisans Social Worker Recreation Director Elementary Teacher Child Care Director Veterinary Technician Bookkeeper Medical Secretary Customer Service Rep Equipment Repairer Nutritionist Receptionist Surveyor Cosmetologist Executive Assistant Dental Assistant Home Health Aide AabbCc REGISTERED NURSE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER BARTENDER JEWELER THEORISTS Theorists love their work when they can come up with innovative new ideas and inventions. ENTJ INTJ ENTP INTP Driven Directors Strategic Masterminds Inspired Inventors Independent Scientists Executive Software Developer Urban Planner Software Engineer Engineer Technical Writer Entrepreneur Producer/Director Medical Scientist Judge Attorney Architect Mathematician Surgeon Agent Psychiatrist PHYSICIAN MICROBIOLOOGIST REPORTER COLLEGE PROFESSOR EMPATHS Empaths love their work when they can improve people's lives and make the world a more beautiful place. ENFJ INFJ ENFP INFP Inspiring Guides Compassionate Counselors Expressive Advocates Creative Individualists Nonprofit Director School Counselor Recreational Therapist Animator Teacher Writer Restaurateur Psychologist Health Educator Interior Designer Preschool Teacher Librarian PR Specialist Pediatrician Travel Writer Author 47 MINISTER VETERINARIAN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT FINE ARTIST TRUITY Sources: Schaubhut, Nancy A. and Thompson, Richard C. (2008). MBTI Type Tables for Occupations. Mountain View, CA: CPP Inc. Tieger, Paul, and Barron-Tieger, Barbara. (2001). Do What You Are. New York, NY: Little, Brown & Co. For more information about the right job for your personality type, visit

Signs of Entrepreneurial Spirit Infograhic by Jonah Engler

shared by JonahEngler on Nov 14
Jonah Engler shares his insights on entrepreneurship and lets you know how to find out you have the entrepreneurial determination on this infographic


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